How to Write Perfect SEO-Optimised Articles?

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Developing product or website-specific content or including SEO keywords within the article write-up does not make it 100% SEO-optimised. There are other things that need to be done for making a complete SEO-Optimised article in today’s digital world. The most genuine content writing companies focus on certain parameters that determine the quality and relevancy of a SEO-optimised article. Successful and efficient SEO-optimised content only happens after all these elements have been taken care of in the article.

increase blog traffic

And the key things to include in an article to make it SEO-optimised are:

Meta Title and Post Title

Whether in a blog or in an article, titles matter the most. Now, there are two sides to it. The same title is viewed in one way by the article readers (Post title) and in another way by the search engine (Meta Post title). The Ebook copywriters have the best hands in writing SEO-optimised titles that’s sure to catch the attention of both the audience and the search engines. The writers also maintain the ideal length of Meta title, i.e. less than 66 characters. With this, they make the articles perfectly optimised for higher search engine ranks.

H1, H2, H3 Header Tags

Instead of writing paragraphs and essays, the Ebook copywriters divide content into headings and sub-headings. At the same time, they include the keywords in these headings, which automatically make the content more optimised for the search engines. And with the headings, users find the content easy-to-eye. The content writing agencies also emphasise on writing content in bullet forms, which all the more enhances the user experience and increases the readability score of the article.

Meta Description

Yet another important aspect of a perfectly SEO-optimised article, the Meta description is nothing but a 156 character description that complements the article title. And the Ebook copywriters by including the primary keyword in the Meta description ensure an enhanced content visibility in the search engine pages. Writers add a relevant Meta Description and their efforts pay sweet results by increasing the Click-Through-Rates.


Permalinks are some unwanted words which automatically appear in an article while it is going to be published. Content writing services take special care in seeing that permalinks don’t exist in the article title. Contentmart edits all the permalinks and makes articles well optimised for SEO.

Keyword Density

Another commendable quality of the Ebook copywriters is that they maintain proper keyword density, meaning the number of times a particular keyword appears in articles. Ideally, it is 0.5-2% per keyword and so the content writing companies also make certain that the writers make perfect placement of the keywords in all places of the entire article content.

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