OGWhatsapp Apk|How to use 2 Whatsapp account in 1 mobile

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OGWhatsapp Apk : Hello Guys! Today you’re going to detect how to use two Whatsapp account in one mobile by OGWhatsapp? Yes my friend now you can exploit this through your mobile. As I said above you can execute it via OGWhatsapp. But how will you do it?

2Whatsapp Account On Same Device

Before we move further inside let’s take a quick look about what is Whatsapp all about? If you want then you may skip this part.

Nowadays Whatsapp becomes a popular messaging app for chatting between friends and families. In this new era approximately 94% of people use this app on a regular basis. Checkout how to use 2 whatsapp on a single mobile using whatsmapp apk for free.

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I’ve seen many people addicted to this app they check Whatsapp in every 15 or 30 minutes. That is why this spectacular app has taken a place over Facebook and its growing massively among the people into the world.
But do you know that you can utilize two Whatsapp account in a single phone or how can I use dual Whatsapp account in a single phone??? Not only I and you also many people out there is curious about this topic and asking for an easy process to do it.

I think like these questions there are many more questions have in your mind. But don’t need to worry about it because all of your questions or problems have a single solution called OGWhatsapp.

What Is OGWhatsapp App?

  • OGWhatsapp can be used without rooting your android device, windows phone and all other Smartphone. Many apps requires root for using it but OGWhatsapp apk doesn’t require that.
  • It is a modified version or new version for your android phones.
  • OGWhatsapp used to utilize several Whatsapp accounts in solo phone.

Tutorial To Use Multiple Whatsapp Account In A Single Phone

  • First of all take the full backup of your Whatsapp to the phone.
  • Secondly clear your Whatsapp data by going to settings >> apps >> manage apps >> Whatsapp >> clear data
  • Then go to file manager >> SD Card >> Whatsapp folder and rename it as OGWhatsapp
  • Now uninstall your preceding or official Whatsapp from your device.
  • After that download and install OGWhatsapp.
  • Then open the OGWhatsapp and it will ask you to add your phone number for verification, Give the earlier number which you have used in your official Whatsapp.
  • To use the second numbers goes to Play Store and download the official Whatsapp. Then open the app and it will ask your number like above one.
  • Now give your desired number and hit ok button.

That’s it! Now you can easily use multiple Whatsapp account in a single phone.

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So now you know how to use 2 Whatsapp account in one mobile by OGWhatsapp apk? I hope that now you have got clear idea about the installation method. If you’re getting any problem while processing Whatsapp then feel free to response via comments below.

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