Top 7 Apps to Optimize Whatsapp user Experience

whatsapp user experience

Presently, WhatsApp seems to be the number one instant messaging service out there with the user base reaching 1.2 Billion. The app has evolved so much since it came out. From sending images to text messages, video calls to normal audio calls, all of them for free.

These features of WhatsApp are available by default, but they can be made way much better if some apps and tweaks are used.

whatsapp user experience

Here we compiled a list of top 7 apps that can optimize the WhatsApp user experience to the next level.

Siftr Magic Cleaner

This app clears out the unwanted images and docs that are downloaded from several people and WhatsApp groups which occupies the gallery of phone and junks it out. It can also help in removing unwanted offending materials like memes, GIFs and longer texts.

All you need is download the app from play store and set a fixed date to trigger cleaning every month.

Hide image, Video of whatsapp

This app helps to keep whatsapp images and video files completely away from phone gallery. The app achieves this functionality by permanently banning the storage of whatsapp in phone gallery.

This app is also password protected along with a security question feature after which you’ll be able to hide images, videos and GIFs from the phone’s gallery entirely.


Remember facebook chat heads, the circular icons that float on the screen to help able to instant message anyone and can be easily removed once you’re done. Yes, this feature can be brought to whatsapp too, thanks to Flychat.

All you need is to download the app from play store, grant all permissions and then select the messaging app. Now whenever you’ll get a whatsapp notification, it will arrive floating right on the screen.


Are you tired of people taking a peek into your whatsapp messages when you try to show them a single message? Well, no more, Maskchat app will apply a curtain over private chats so that no one except you can see them. You can vary the opacity of the curtain applied which would make it appear completely dark from all the side angles.

Folder Mount  [needs rooted device]

This app requires a rooted device to work, but it definitely worth to try. This app will move all the unwanted data to an external storage device from the phone itself. Once you’re rooted, you can create a path between the two storages and simply select and transfer.

Seebye Scheduler [ needs rooted device]

This feature is probably the most searched for. This app lets users pre-schedule a message to be sent exactly on the date and time chosen. This will let you define certain rules and the message will be delivered on the required time.

You are free to select either a text message, an audio clip or an image, or a video.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space app is the one of the most powerful apps available on the app store. This app clones everything on the device, so you’ll get dual of everything right from apps, games and even multiple accounts. This app can be very productive on one hand and on the other hand, it can be very cranky too. By using this app, you can create multiple whatsapp accounts on the same device through which you can prank your friends anythime.

You’ll be able to activate dual whatsapp accounts and do whatever that you want afterwards. Keep visiting FullTechTricks for more

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