Best ways to Earn money from Facebook Easily

make money from facebook
Do you want to become an Internet Marketer? What are your plans, how will you going to earn. There are many ways to earn money online as internet marketer but some are very quick. You can use Facebook – The best social media platform, to earn money online. In this article i will cover some topics on how you can make money with Facebook. It looks quite interesting that you can earn money from Facebook, which you use daily. There are many ways you can use to make money with Facebook, some of them are mentioned below but first you have to grow audience if you want to earn more money from your Facebook page. I Recommend you to read this post – How to get more likes on Facebook?

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Affiliate marketing

One of the strategy to make money from Facebook, you have to promote other’s products and for each sale you will get some commission credited onto your account. If you have more audience on Facebook then there are more chances that someone will buy the product from you and you will get credited according to their payout rates. Some of the best sites you can choose for affiliate marketing are:-

  1. Bluehost
  2. Amazon
  3. Vcommision
  4. Flipkart
You can also comment the Affiliate sites you are using to earn money online. There are many more sites having many products to promote but it’s your choice of what to promote? So now i think you have some knowledge about affiliate marketing. You can also share your Affiliate experiences in the comment section with us.

Paid Advertisment on your Page

You can promote other’s page, product website, or anything in return of some money. People will often do advertising on your page if your page is very large. According to me, gain 10000+ likes and people will start contacting you for Advertisement. You can take money from them for each post or in bulk quantity. Below is an example of advertising about other’s blog/website

Using Sites like lolspots

If you have a page having 10 thousand+ likes then you can register on, simply register there and share lolspots link on your Facebook page, for every 1000 hits on that link you will be credited with 0.85$. Not much good, so i only suggest you to use the above 2 methods to earn money from Facebook as they are the best possible ways.

Promote your Product

You can also promote your product or E-book, readers will surely buy your product if you are good in engaging with your readers. You can sell anything like an E-book, Electronic item, mobile phone, your Facebook page and much more things.

Promote your Blog

You can learn blogging and make huge money by blogging, this is the best way to earn money online and many people are earning Four figure income from blogging. If you really want to make decent money online then i only recommend Blogging. If you want to take your first step not in blogosphere then must read this article – How to Start your Blogging journey and Earn money by Blogging?

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Reasons of Failure among Newbie Bloggers

Do you have a thought to Earn money online and are you a newbie blogger then there is a question which is must always arise in your mind that is How can I earn money? which brings disappointment and leads to failure. Their are many ways to Earn money online like Content writing, sites which pays for ad clicks, URL Shortening and much more but you will not earn much from these instead try Blogging to earn money online. It will take some time but then you will be able to make your living with your blogging income. Many people don’t have to wait, they are so eager to earn money online. They just copy articles from other’s site and if they fail’s to earn money then they just quit blogging. In this article you will find reasons that will tell you why you are failing in your blogging career so that you can improve yourself under these points and will get success easily and in less time.

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Blogging success


Less Knowledge about Blog’s Niche

Some people open’s blog on Niche like blogging and seo tips which they don’t have knowledge about but they have good knowledge of games. This is the main reason of blogging failure, try to figure out the topic you like which you think of the whole day, in which you have passion and make it your blog niche and then you will easily able to convert your hard work and knowledge into Money in some span of time. Some people also say that they have some knowledge about that topic but it is not good to start a blog with having half knowledge as half knowledge is also considered as disaster. Always blog on topic on which you have good knowledge about.

Lack of Time

The major problem of almost all newbie blogger’s is Lack of time, ask any blogger who failed and most times he will say that he don’t have much time to manage his blog. Try to schedule your works and give some time to your blog for link building, blog writing, social media and much more which will bring a lot of visitors engagement to your blog and will bring some readership to your blog. So take some time out of your busy life to give to your blog.

Lack of Patience

To make your blog famous and earn money from it you have to give some time, from my point of view do not expect a single penny from your blog in the starting 3-4 months, it will take some time to make your blog famous and earn huge money from it. I know that it is very hard to earn money from a blog as i am also a newbie blogger but it’s not impossible to make money. If you will do work hard and smart then one day you will get success and will start converting your talent into money.

Bad Writing skills

If you don’t have good writing skills you have to Hire good content writer to write on your blog as content really matters, i always say that Content is King. If you want to run your blog for long journey then good content is must.
You can also HIRE ME to write on your blog if you like our writing skills

Lack of promotion

marketing strategies
Not promoting your content and not getting visitors to your blog, this could be an another reason of the turning point of your blogging career, this could end your blogging career. Promote your content well on Social networking site to get good visitors to your blog, if your blog will have good fan engagement then you will always be happy by their motivating comments. This could also bring more sales from your blog.

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Last Words

At last i would like to say don’t get dissapointed by these things, they are the things you will face in the starting of your blogging career, once you are successful then no one can stop you from making money online. Don’t ever quit blogging, do your best for your blog and your blog will also help you to generate some money.
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Basic SEO Tutorial for beginners – Ultimate Guide

best seo tutorial for beginners
Are you familiar with your blog seo, are you doing it right to get more organic traffic? If not then how to use seo for your blog to get most out of the search engines. In this article you will learn what is search engine optimization and basic tips to seo optimize your blog.

What is SEO?

SEO also known as search engine optimization is the process of  increasing visitors from search engines to your blog. If you will do proper seo then there is more chance to get organic traffic to your blog.

Basic SEO Tips

There are many tactics pro blogger’s are using to seo optimize their blog to get on the first page of search engines and get highly targeted traffic to your blog. Some basic seo tips are mentioned below in this post. Their are 2 types of SEO that are On page seo and off page seo. On page SEO Includes Optimizing your blog post during writing for search engines and off page seo includes optimizing your post later by doing link building which is more important.

Keyword Research

Do proper keyword research, their are many tools to do keyword research but i will prefer you to use google keyword tool to find some good keywords. For doing keyword research go to adwords keyword planner and then search for a keyword like you are searching for ‘SEO Tutorial‘ then try to find the keywords which have more monthly searches and have less competition. You can see an example in the below image. Try to find similar keywords with more searches and less competition.
You can also see in the above image that i searched for seo tutorial and there are some similar keywords like ‘What is seo’ which has good monthly searches and competition is low. You can also use these keywords in your blog posts.

Where to use keywords?

Now you are thinking where to use these keywords, you can use these keywords in your post heading, subheading, starting and ending paragraphs, search description. Links anchor text, image names and in image alt text. By properly using these keywords you can get high traffic to your blog from search engines.

Meta Description and Keywords

Try to use proper description for each and every post to boost the possibilities to get listed in the search engines. Meta description should be upto 150 words. Also use keywords to get more traffic from google search and boost rankings.

Content is King

As i always say content really matters, if you don’t have good content then it is difficult to rank your content. To get best out of your blog then you have to write awesome quality content for which people highly search. I recommend you to write post with word count of 600 words+ as it is considered as good optimized post by Google and will get rank in less time

Link building

The main part of Search engine optimization is link building, there are many ways of link building like Blog commenting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Guest posting, Article submission and much more. If you want your blog to get ranked in Google for long time then link building but be aware of natural and unnatural links. Always try to build links from blog’s under your Niche. Try to build links with high PR sites having more domain authority and page authority.

That’s it! I Hope that you have liked this article, if you have any doubts, queries or suggestions then please comment below

21 ways to drive massive traffic to your blog

How to get traffic to a blog
As we all know creating a blog is easy but gettting traffic and maintaining your blog is a very difficult task. You have to do a lot of hard work to get your post at the top of search engines. In this article i will share some ways to drive large amount of traffic to your blog including search engine optimization and by promoting your article. After reading this article i am sure that you can get more then 500 views per day easily aur even much more if you will use these things in good way. So below are 21 best strategies mentioned to get targeted traffic to your blog.

Content is King

content brings backlinks
Now a days Every body knows How to create a blog but they find difficulty in driving traffic to their blog. This is the turning point of your blog. If you are successful in getting traffic to your blog then you can generate a good money online and if not then it results in ‘maybe the person quits blogging’ or ‘get depressed’. I prefer you to write article of 600+ words as it is considered as good SEO by Google and can rank high easily in google results. So don’t write small article and always write good article as readers only want to read articles having quality and try to give your readers correct information or they will just think you don’t know anything and will leave your site. Don’t blog on any topic which you don’t like and don’t have much information about.

Keyword research

Using proper keywords can led to huge amount of search traffic to your blog. You have to use the keywords which have more monthly searches and less competition. Now, i think one more question is striking in your mind that is Where to use keywords in your blog post’s. You have to use keywords in starting paragraph, ending paragraph, image name, image alt text, anchor text,permalink and Search description.

Blog Commenting

You can comment on other’s blog similar to your niche to get both backlinks and traffic to your blog. You can comment on commentluv enabled blogs to get more traffic and dofollow backlinks to your blog. The more the backlinks of a blog the more the chance of the blog to get indexed in google and get ranked on top. Backlinks are considered as authorities of a blog. So work more on blog commenting and always remember that your links should always be dofollow to be considered by google and are from high PR site to get more results.


Forums are an additional way to gain traffic, you can use forums under your niche to get traffic. You have to fill your profile and in the signature tab, paste your blog URl and when you will help some body on that forum then surely he will visit your blog. You also get a dofollow backlink from most of the forums. Only some Forums don’t give dofollow backlinks. Always try to find forums which give dofollow backlinks as they are the best. From my point of view these 2 are best forums under webmasters and SEO niche:-
  1. Webmasters Forums
  2. Warrior Forums
You can also suggest some forums in the comment section below as it will help us and the visitors of this blog to get traffic from those forums.

Facebook – The Biggest social media

use facebook to get traffic
Latest study shows that facebook currently has ‘13,100,00,000′ users‘ and keep’s on increasing day by day. You can take advantage of this vast social media by posting your article links in different facebook groups under your Blog’s topic with a similar description according to that post. You can also create your own groups and fan pages on facebook and get a large amount of traffic from it. Use Facebook to get targeted audience.Must Read – How to use facebook to get traffic to your blog?

Google+ and other Social media sites

Well it look’s awkward that i have mentioned Facebook alone and other social media sites in single sub head. It is so because facebook is the best social site and have most users. You can also use other sites like google+, twitter etc to get more audience on your blog. Google+ is also considered as an Plus point for blog’s SEO. So i recommend you to use google+ to promote your articles and get benefited.

Social Bookmarking

You can use sites like Stumbleupon, reddit, delicious etc. These are some Social bookmarking sites and leads to sudden and large increase in your number of visitors. If you want to get more targeted audience which is active then i strongly recommend you to use reddit. There are many strategies used on reddit to get your article on the main page which i will share later but for now you can discover your ways of using reddit and share it with us.

Send your articles to others

You can also send your article one by one to those person’s who are interested in reading your article. In this way you will also give an good image of your’s in your visitors mind.

Get some people signed up for your newsletters

You can also create a section on your blog of ‘Get our email updates’. If any person will sign up for the newsletters then he/she will get each and every post’s email updates and will surely visit your blog if they are interested.

Submit your site to search engines

You can submit your site to different search engines. Then they will index your blog as soon as possible and your blog post’s will start showing in Google results and you will get traffic easily. It is a part of Search engine optimization and is very important to submit your blog to Google and Bing.

Use good images and videos in your post

Studies have found that using similar images can boost the sharing of your post’s and it will reach to maximum people’s and more people will visit it and get to know about your blog. It also kept your users busy with your blog and will love your blog.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the best way of getting “Returning visitors” and decreasing bounce rate of your blog. Suppose if you had written an article on ‘ways to get likes on facebook’ and an article ‘how to use facebook to get visitors on your blog’ then you can link these posts with each other. This will increase your visitors very much. An example of internal linking is given below:-

Google Authorship

If you will activate Google authorship for your blog then your image will be displayed along with your post in search results. It will enhance the clicks on your posts and will bring more readers to your blog as it gives more value to your post and after seeing your image, the users will believe on you and will try to read your blog more.

Make your post’s SEO Friendly

To get most traffic from search engines then you have to properly SEO optimize your blog post’s. This includes keyword research, image optimization, anchor text optimization, custom permalink, link building and much more. Proper guides about each one of these will be published later on our blog.

Yahoo Answers

Answers question related to your blog’s topic and at the end attach your blog URL and get visits from yahoo answers. But don’t answer question’s too often and don’t add your blog’s link to each and every answer otherwise yahoo will ban you for questioning and answering questions.

Article submission

You can submit your unique article to some good article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles etc and at the end of the article. You can write that ‘everyone is free to use this article, you also can use this article on your blog and also mention that you have to give a source to our site that is In this way you can create many dofollow backlinks and get traffic to your blog.

Directory Submission

You can also submit your blog to high PR directories. An example of good directory is You can use these directories to get high traffic and rank high on google. This will bring both referral as well as search engine traffic to your blog.


Make good videos on your topic and upload it on youtube. In the video description add your’s blog link. This will redirect a large amount of traffic if you have done good optimization with your video. Video optimization tips will be published later.

Guest Posting

Contact High PR blog’s admin and ask them to make you author and do guest post on their blog to attract visitors and dofollow backlinks. This gives good image to the crawlers and always choose blog’s under your niche and the blog on which you are guest posting should have good number of backlinks and have good page authority.

Create E-books

You can also create an awesome e book and give it to your blog reader’s for free, if they sign in with your newsletters. Every time you will post a mail will be sent to them and give links in your E-book to get traffic and you can also use Affiliate links to earn some money.


Give reviews to the product you like, if you have good writing skills then other’s will see your review and will surely visit your blog. You can post your blog’s address in the profile.

You can also mention your traffic sources in the comment section below and I Hope that you have liked this article. If you have any doubts or queries then must comment below.

5 ways of Link building which really works

Best Link building methods

Do you want to get on the top of google search results and earn some money from your blog then link building is must. If you will not do link building then your blog will take many years to grow and your blog should have very high quality content and you should have good relations with other blogger’s. In this article you will find the best link building techniques to get good rank in google.

How to create backlinks


Blog commenting

This is the best and common method, all blogger’s use this for link building as it don’t take much time. The best blog’s to comment on are comment luv enabled blog. Your link will be added with title as anchor text after your comment. You can find comment luv enabled blogs from Dropmylink or putmylink, and also Imran Uddin the number 3rd blogger of india has created a tool to find different type of blogs. you can find it from here – Backlinks Generator. Post your way to find dofollow blogs in the comment section below.

Guest/Paid posting

You can also find some high PR sites to guest post on, just send the admin an request that you want to guest post on their blog by contacting them from the Contact us page. This will give you both backlinks and traffic to your site and this traffic is targeted. But only guest post on those blogs which are under your topic. If your blog topic is Cooking then don’t do guest post on blog’s having topic SEO tips, blogging tips etc. as this will not effect your traffic much.
Paid posting is also available on our blog, checkout our advertise page.

High PR Forums

You can find high page rank forums, be active on those forums ask questions and solve other’s question. Add your blog’s link in the signature section. In maximum forums this link is dofollow. Also, by doing this whenever you will help other’s then they can see your signature below your answer and it will also attract traffic to your blog. There are many forums on the internet having different niches. You can use forums under your niche to get targeted traffic.

Creating Good Info Graphic

Creating Info-graphic is fun online but now in your mind it is echoing that how can backlinks be created by using info-graphics. So here is the answer, by creating an good graphical info graphic the visitors of your blog who are blogger’s can add the info-graphic on their Blog and they will give a backlink as source to your blog. In this way info-graphics play a great role in link building.

Use Article Directories

Article Directories like ezinearticles, goarticles etc are also a great way to create backlinks. You have to write an unique and awesome article and submit it to article directories. You can use the article directories which are mentioned. At the end of your article just add a line like ‘You can use this article on your blog but you have to give a backlink to our blog’ and mention your blog URL. If someone will use your article then ultimately he will surely give 1-2 backlink to your blog which is natural and will bring targeted traffic to your blog.

Up to you

There are many more ways of link building, if you want to share your ways of link building, then you are welcome. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. These are the Best Link building techniques you can use, if you will use these link building techniques then you don’t have to hire any Link building company or any other Link building tutorial.
I Hope that you liked this article! Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

How to use Facebook effectively to get traffic

Using facebook for blog traffic
At the starting days of your blog or when search engine penalizes you then search engine traffic will not be there on your blog. If you will completely depend on social media for your blog traffic then maybe one day suddenly your’s blog traffic will drop down leading to depression and maybe you’ll quit blogging. So always use social media for your blog to get traffic as if once you have created huge audience on social media then you can easily get targeted traffic to your blog. In this article i will give you some tips on How to get best possible traffic from facebook to your blog. As, my blog is also new maximum traffic of my blog is from facebook and other social media sites. You should also read this post and learn the best ways to attract visitors from facebook.

How to use social media to get traffic

Create your fan page

You can create your fan page and build audience at your page, there are several ways of attracting audience on your page like share for share, promote your page, comment on other’s post and much more. Using your fan page you can get your fans to your blog by promoting your blog’s content on your fan page easily. I also use my fan page to promote my blog posts
You can Like our Fan page here – Fulltechtricks page

Create your Group

You can also create your Group on facebook, but be sure your group is active and have huge visitors. If you have a group then you can Pin your post at the top of the group and gain huge visitors to your blog. It is also a good way to increase traffic but requires time. Once you have a good group with 5000+ members then you can get huge Clicks from your group to your blog easily.
You can join our group here – Fulltechtricks group

Use other’s group to promote

There are many groups available on facebook which you can use to promote your blog post’s. I get my maximum traffic by posting on other’s group. These visitors are also active and will like and comment on your post’s which brings inspiration to you. There are large number of groups on facebook but you have to choose the groups which are active, have good members, according to your niche. Like if you have a blog regarding cooking then you have to put your blog link with some information in the group of topic cooking not like webmasters, SEO etc. This is waste of time and not bring much visitors to your blog. So only use groups under your niche to promote your blog post’s and get visitors.

Use eye catching title

Get yourself in your reader’s shoes, what you want to read. The title should be eye catching so that your readers will get attracted and open your post. So always make a brief and attractive title which will attract the readers to your blog.

By Using Hash tags

By using has tags you can also get your post reach to maximum audience and get large visitors and it will also gain reader’s attention and get your post easily visible in crowded group.

Last words

There are several more ways to get traffic from facebook but these are the best ways and will get your posts good traffic and will build good social media presence of your blog.

I hope you have liked this article and don’t hesitate to leave your views in the comment section below.

Build Readership for your Newly Created Blog

get traffic to your blog
Do you have a blog, but don’t have visitors who can read your article. I know that your you’re a good article writer. But, why to write when you don’t have any visitors on your blog. If no one can read it then why you are wasting your time. In this article i will give you some tips on how to attract visitors on your newly created blog easily in no time.
How to get traffic to a website

Write Good Content

content is king
Always write good content, as people don’t want to waste their time. Your content should be useful and stick to the point. Otherwise, you will lose your Readers as their are plenty of blogs on the Internet. So, try to write good content and don’t copy content from any blog and if you do so, it can result in ban of your blog and it could be de indexed by Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Proper SEO is very important for the Growth of your Blog. If you will not do proper SEO then your blog will not get listed at the top of Google and you can’t attract Search engine traffic to your blog which is very important for your blog. There are 2 types of SEO Techniques, On page and Off page SEO. Both are equally important for your blog. On page SEO includes techniques like keyword research, Image optimization, anchor text optimization, using proper title tags, using keywords in your posts etc. Off page SEO includes Blog commenting, directory submission, article submission, search engine submission and much more.

Using Social Media Sites

Don’t only depend on google for your traffic, Anytime google can release an update and if your blog is not going according to that update then your blog traffic will be ruined. So, build a presence in Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest, Twitter and much more. You can also use facebook groups to get traffic. For me, this is the best way to get traffic. I get 70% of my Traffic from Facebook. I recommend you to regularly use these sites and build your presence on social networking sites as you can get thousand of traffic from these only.Must readHow to use facebook to get traffic to your blog?

Using Social Bookmarking Sites

You can also use Sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, etc as you can Get your targeted traffic from these Sites and by using these sites you can also gain knowledge from other’s post as other members also bookmark their blogs on these Sites.

Forums under your Niche

You can also use forums to get backlinks and high traffic to your blog. Some of the best forums to use are warriorforums, CNET forums, webmasters forums, etc. If you want your site for long run then using these forums is recommending as they are ultimate source of traffic for your blog and you will also get backlinks to your blog using these forums which are dofollow.

Last words

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog that we can’t list here as we also don’t use them but don’t worry we will come up with more ways to get traffic to your blog in future, so stay tuned and keep liking and commenting on our posts.
I Hope you have liked this article if you have any doubt or do you know any other way to get traffic to your blog then Must Comment Below. Each and Every comment are valuable to us.
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What is Alexa Rank and How to Install Alexa Widget on your Blog

Alexa Rank is an average of the traffic on a site and links coming to that particular Site. Alexa rank is only counts the visitors who have installed alexa toolbar on their browsers. Hence, the blogger’s who blog on the topics blogging, seo, webmaster has decent Alexa rank. In this Article i will also tell you how to install how to install alexa toolbar on your blog.

Increase your Alexa rank
Do you want to do Blogging and Struggling in it then Must read this article:- How to Get Success in Blogging?


Alexa site view is updated

As the Alexa site is updated, now we cannot create alexa widget by going to, so we have to create the alexa widget normally and add it to our blog. If you want to get decent ranking on your blog then I recommend you to install alexa toolbar on your blog. As installing alexa toolbar boosts the ranking of your blog.

How to install Alexa widget?

So, here we come at the point, How to Install the widget on your blog:-
  • Firstly, copy the below coding.

<a href=”“><script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script></a>


  •  Now instead of, edit with your blog address. Now, copy the Code and go to
  • After going to Blogger dashboard, go to the layout section
  • In Layout Section, click on Add gadget and in the list click on HTML/JavaScript. Then, a screen like this will appear
Install alexa widget on blogger
  • Paste the code in the box and then click on save. Now you are done, Alexa rank will be shown on your blog.
Note: Don’t think that your’s alexa rank will boost quickly after adding alexa widget. Wait for one day and see the results and you will be surprised to see your alexa rank and you will definitely come back here to comment about your experience. 
I hope that you liked this article, Comment your views below as they are really worth to us. Also, if you have any doubts feel free to comment below we are here to help and kick your problem out.


How to Start your Blogging Journey Smoothly to Get Success

Start blogging easily

Do you want to Opt Blogging as your Career, and Don’t Know Much About Blogging, Then you have Arrived the Best Place to Get Success in Blogging by Smoothly Starting your Blogging Career. If you want to Get Success in Blogging then you have to not do any Mistake at the Start of your Blogging Career. If you do so, then you Blogging Career will be Ruined. This Post is for the Newbie Bloggers who are Struggling to Get Success in Blogging. In this Article I will be Covering Some Topics like How to Create a Blog, How to Start Blogging and Some Good Blogger Templates to Choose to Get better Response from your Blog Readers(SEO Responsive Blogger Templates). So Here we Start.

If you want to start blogging, then you should have good social media influence. Here check the best tips to increase facebook page likes.

How to become a Blogger

What to Choose? Blogger or WordPress??

People Get Confused under this Topic, they Don’t Know what Blogging Platform to Choose for Starting their Blogging Journey. I Recommend you to use Blogger at Starting as Blogger is Easy to use, Have Easy Features and When you Get Expert in Blogging then Move to WordPress. Using WordPress is Complex so I have Recommended you to use Blogger at Starting. There are Many Free Bloggging Sites but I will Strongly Recommend you to use only Blogger platform.

How to Create a Blog

Now, If you have Decided to Create a Blog then Follow these Steps to make your Own Blog. You can Later Transfer it to a Hosted Domain. Follow these Steps to Get to Know how to Make a Blog:-
  • Firstly, Go to BLOGGER.COM, then Click on NEW BLOG. It will Look Like this
How to Create a Blog
  • After Clicking on New Blog, A Window will Appear, In this Window Type the Title and URL of your Blog According to you and Select a Theme and then click on Create Blog. Your Blog is Now Created. You can post on your Blog by Clicking on New Post in the Dashboard Section of your Blog, A Live Example is Below.


How to Write a Blog Article

What to post on your Blog?

Now, I think a Question is Arising in your Mind, that is “WHAT TO POST ON YOUR BLOG?” Really this is Bit Confusing, But Once you Start you will feel that Blogging is not That Hard. You have to Choose Best NICHE(Topic) which Suits you like My Niche is “BLOGGING,SEO Tips, Social Media Tips etc” like this you also Have to Choose your Niche of your Passion. Like Some people like to Blog on Movies, Some like to Blog on Gaming, Some like to Blog on Facebook Tips. If you  Choose your Niche according to you then you can Easily Get Success in Blogging. I have Seen Many Blogger’s out There, who are not Passionate about their Niche and Fail in their Blogging Career and Get Depressed. So I will Highly Recommend you to Blog on the Topic you are Passionate about or otherwise you will Get Failed in your Blogging Career.

Some SEO Responsive Blogger Template

Choosing the Best SEO Responsive Template is very Necessary, If you don’t have the Right Template you can lose many Visitors. Below is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Templates you can use on your Blog:-
It is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Template which you can use on your Blog to Get Good User Response.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

From the Starting of your Blogging Career you have to Focus on SEO, It is the Process of Ranking your Content well in Search Engines. There are Two Types of SEO:-
  • On-Page SEO – This process Include Methods you can do while you are Writing your Article Like Writing Good Content, Keyword Research, Better Search Description, Choosing Labels Wisely, Meta Tags and Description, Using Keywords Wisely.
  • Off-Page SEO – This Process Contains Method you can use when you have Written your Article, this is Mainly used to Promote your Content to Gather Readership to your Blog. It Include Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Link Building, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Search Engine Submission and Much More.
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Best Tactics to Get Likes on Facebook Page

First of all This is our First post, We have Just Purchased a Domain. I Hope that Our Posts will Help you and you will Share and Recommend this Blog also with your Friends.Many People Asks me that How they can Increase Likes on their Facebook Page or Increase Facebook Likes for Free. So Today it’s my First Article on this Blog on How to Increase Likes on Facebook Easily and Freely. There are Many Ways by Which you can Get Likes on Facebook free, you can use Services like Addmefast, Like4like etc but they are not Worth your time. The Likes Coming from these Sites are all from Fake Users. So i Recommend you to not Use Services to Increase your Facebook Likes. Below are Some Awesome ways Listed. If you want to Know that How to Increase Likes on Facebook page then Read this Article. So Here are Some Points.

Get Likes on Facebook Fan page

If you want to get success in blogging then you should spend some time on social media also, and here the tactics to get more likes on facebook.

1.Post Frequently

You have to Post Normally 3-4 Times a Day when your Fans are Online, to Get High Engagement from your Fans. More Likes and Shares of your Posts from your Fans can Get your Page More Likes as the Post Liked by your Fans can be Seen by their Friends. You can Check when your Fans are Online in the Insight Section.

2.Do Share for Share

You can Do Share for Share with Others Pages under your Niche(Topic) to Get Many Likes on your Facebook Page. You also have to Share their Page on your page. In this Way both of you will be Benefited. This is the best way to Drive Likes on your Facebook Page.

3.Comment on Well Reputed Page Post’s

Sometimes while commenting on Other’s Page Post, Add your Page link to the Comment to Get Benefited and Drive Likes to your page. A live Example of this is Given Below:-
Get Facebook Likes

4.Ask Questions

You can Ask Questions to your Fans on your Page to Get more Talking and Engagement as Question post Get 100% more Engagement. As I have Above Mentioned Good Engagement Leads to New Likes. So Staring Asking Questions to your Fans.

5.Add Facebook Like Box to your Blog

If your Blog has High Traffic then you can Drive Massive Traffic to your Page too using this Method, Install a Facebook Like box on your Blog and Get Likes on your page Easily. This is the Easiest way to Get likes on your Page. For me This Works.
Increase Likes on your Facebook page

6.Invite your Friends to Like your page

You can Also Invite your Friends to Like your Page You can not Get Thousand of Likes by this Technique but it will Help you in the Start. For Doing this you can go to your Page and on the Upside there is an Option to invite Others to like your Page.

7.Give Credits to your Page

Whenever you post Something Give Credits to your Page to Get your Friends Like your Page. This is also a good way to Get likes On your Fan page. You can see an Example Below.

Facebook Likes
So By using these Methods you can Drive Massive Traffic to your Facebook page and Get Likes on Facebook. I Hope that this Article Helped you a Lot. Please Share this Post with your Friends to Increase our Circles and Get People know about our Blog. It will be Thank you from my Side if you do So.
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