Beginners Guide to Keyword Research and keyword Implementation

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Are you finished writing EPIC content for your blog? But don’t have Organic Search traffic to your blog. It’s time to Edit your post and add some high Searched keywords to your posts at right places. What you think about keywords, are they really worth adding to your articles? The answer is yes, if you’ll add keywords to your blog posts nicely then you will see the benefits itself rolling in. In this article you will find how to do keyword research, how to check competition of keywords and use those keywords wisely on your blog posts to generate some organic traffic.
keyword research guide

Starting Keyword Research

To start with keyword research you first need to go to the Adwords keyword tool which is offered for free from Google, go to adwords keyword tool to research for some particular keyword.
Let me use keyword ‘Get likes on Facebook
Keyword research guide
After searching for your keyword, you can find more potential keywords in the section below
Try to also go with those keywords having High number of searches.
Once you are done with finding potential keywords for your blog, make a list of them and finally go on to the Second Step.

Next Step : Analyzing Keyword Competition

After finding the best potential keywords to use in your article, it’s time to analyze the competition. To find whether you can easily rank the keyword or not. For doing so follow the below steps.For analyzing competition, first you will need an Extension SEO quake. Install it on your browser. After installing it you can measure keyword’s competition.
  • Go to Google and search for the keyword, like i want to analyze ‘Get Likes on Facebook’. See Image below.
keyword competition analysis
Here i have searched for the keyword ‘Get likes on Facebook’ and you can see the sites or blogs which are ranking on the top page have good PR, good Alexa rank, good domain age and all other things are good. If you want to go with this keyword then you have to work very hard in off page SEO to rank this keyword. I suggest you to not to go for this keyword instead try to analyze the keywords which has less competition.
You can also try the relevant terms you have find during the keyword research and properly analyze them. If you find that the blog’s ranking on the top page are not good, have less alexa rank, less PR, less domain age then simply go for that keyword and you will easily Rank that keyword with less Link building.
So here keyword research part is finished, let we come to “Implementation of keywords in your blog posts”

Implementation of keywords

Are you done with keyword research? Now are you worried about where to use those keywords. You can use keywords in the following places:-
  • Post Title
  • Image name and image anchor text
  • Anchor text
  • Starting and Ending paragraph of your blog post
  • In Search Description
  • Bold, Italicize and underline your keywords
  • H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags(In heading and sub headings)
  • Custom permalink
Thats it! I hope that you have liked this article, leave your doubts and valuable feedbacks in the comment section Below

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