How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phone : 10 Apps

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When it comes to us, we always search for the best battery life smartphone, but if you haven’t got the best yet, don’t worry. You’re at the right place, today I’ll let you know the best 10 apps you could use to Increase your android smartphone’s battery life. In simple words, after reading this article, you will get to know “How to Increase Battery life” of android phones. Now you don’t have to search for the Smartphone with best battery life if you’ve any of these apps.

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Have you ever felt that your phone’s battery would last longer? Most of the answers were due to the apps that uses more resources, larger display sizes and due to the mobile game that lit up screen for hours at a time. There are plenty of smartphones that are coming into the markets these days and they all come loaded with all sorts of features. While you are buying a new smartphone you definitely look for a beautiful elegant design, a high quality camera for the latest trend of taking selfies.. but the most important aspect is its long battery life. From a recent IDC survey it revealed that majority of people said that battery life is essential reason for selecting a smartphone, so we’re here presenting the 10 Best apps to increase android phones battery life.

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Not all the smartphones comes with an extreme power-saving measures. Nowadays android is more efficient in task management and a smarter multitasking. Still battery life doesn’t live up to our expectations. Keeping this is mind we can lengthen battery life of android by using apps which can minimize the battery consumption by the modern day smartphones.Increase android phone battery life

You can use the following methods to increase battery life of android smartphones easily. Below are the 10 best apps you all could use to increase android phone’s batter life easily:-

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is an app that is available for free in the Google Playstore which can be used to improve battery life of device up to a maximum of 50%.It features power modes such as Long Standby, General Mode and Sleep Mode.You also have an option of customizing the modes for your own defined settings. If still face the battery issue then you can upgrade the app to increases the battery life up to 70% with the additional features.

DU Battery saver

2. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is an android app that reduces the drain of battery by controlling data connections (3G/4G).This app has 3 profiles which can be used to improve the battery life of the android. A balanced profile is is fully automatic and doesn’t require any extra attention required from the user. Other profiles include Balanced and Aggressive which can be used to increase the battery life at critical times. It is available in three versions to suit your respective needs.

juice defender

3. Battery Defender

Battery Defender is a free app that offers a plenty of options that too at free of cost. The main best thing about this app is its exact battery percentage that it shows in the notification bar. In addition that it features a quick access to your day to day common connections such as GPS, WIFI, mobile data and Bluetooth. Another best feature of this app is Genius Scan which allows you to sync to occur for every 15 minutes which is very much helpful to a day to day smartphone user. It even has quiet sleeping option that disables Wi-Fi and data connections in the night…a very much helpful feature for those who fall asleep with their connections still kept on.

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battery defender download

4. COMODO Battery Saver

COMODO Battery saver is an n app which plays a key role in improving the battery life of your smatphone.It houses a power saving mode that saves a lot of battery. It also allows you to switch your device to power saving mode and by letting you disable power hungry applications easily with a just a single tap. It also provides you with details on which applications uses the most power of battery. This app alerts you when your device is fully charged.

comodo battery saver

5. Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru is a free app that extend the battery life of your device. This app has a unique feature that automatically adjusts the settings based on how you use your mobile. This notifies you about the power consumed by t hap whether it is low or high. If you purposely installed an app that kills your battery life badly then it notifies a message regarding the problem. Then it’s up to you whether you proceed or not…


6. Deep Sleep Battery Saver

It is an app that improves the battery of your device in an efficient way. It keeps your device in deep sleep mode in which it turns OFF your data connections and WIFI connections. It also terminates the running background processes. It allows the device to wake up constantly at predetermined intervals to download emails and other things that needs to be updated. It features a total of 5 predefined mode and are customizable.

deep sleep download

7. Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is a power saving app which extends the battery life up to 50% by efficiently managing the device’s network connectivity, screen timeout, brightness…etc. It has 4 pre-set modes and an advanced customized mode.


8. Battery-Battery Saver

Batter-Battery Saver is an app which comes with some handy features that can extend your device’s battery life. It effectively closes the internet connections ON/OFF when they are not in use. It can reduce screen brightness by using a built in screen filter and turns off screen automatically when you keep your device on table or pocket.


9. One Touch Battery Saver

As the complete functioning of the app says it in its name itself.you can enable power saving mode with a single touch. It effectively deactivated Wi-Fi, data connections, GPS…etc. It ALS has a hidden feature called as silent mode which helps in increasing the battery life.


10. Battery Saver – Extra Power

Battery Saver – Extra Power is a free app which can boost up your battery life enormously. It features a wide range of battery saving modes to extend battery life as per your personal preferences and also displays battery statics in a quite efficient manner.


So these are some these best battery saving apps that can be used to extend battery life. Most of the above listed apps are free and some are paid. Make you try one of the above listed apps to extend your smartphones battery life, now you got to know “How to increase battery life of android“, if you’ve any doubts or suggestions related to this article, do let us know. I will try my best to help you all. Thank you for reading and keep visiting, please share this with your friends.

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