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get adsense approval

When coming to Earning money part in blogging. Adsense is most important, adsense is the main reason for many bloggers they blog for, if they don’t get Google Adsense approval then they feel bad and quit blogging instead of trying other google adsense alternatives. Truly saying, for earning money online AdSense is best but it works with only some niche’s. You can’t earn decent money from blogging, seo, internet marketing niche blogs from AdSense. Getting google adsense approval these days is very hard as adsense tightened it’s policies.

Google Adsense approval

I got Google AdSense on this blog when it is 1 month old then some hater did clickbombing and it got disabled because at that time i don’t know about AdSense so i could not be able to protect click bombing. Now i again got adsense approval 3 days back and i am very happy for this 🙂 so today i am sharing the techniques used by me to get google adsense approval in only 1 month.

Follow these simple Techniques to get your adsense approved in less time and then you can enjoy adsense 🙂

Write Frequently and long content

Write post on your blog frequently, At starting do 1 post daily and later on do 1 post in 2-3 days. If you write frequently then Google will consider that your blog is active and will give you approval. And always consider one thing in mind, do not just post anything, posting content with 500+ words can too give rise to your chance to get adsense approval. So Always right long and healthy content. Don’t write on topics like jailbreking, Smuggling etc(Illegal activities)

Install Google Analytics and Webmasters

Installing Google analytics and webmasters can increase your chance to get adsense. The main thing is webmasters(It is must) after installing submit a proper Sitemap to Google webmasters for proper indexing of your blog posts and always be sure you have enough content(20+ posts) before applying to AdSense.

Proper About us, Contact us and Privacy policy page

Make proper About us page where you will share infomation about you and your blog, a proper contact us page so that your readers can contact you and also a Privacy policy page which will tell the readers and the search engines about your Policy.

Use Proper SEO Optimized Template

Adsense loves SEO Optimized Template so that they can show their ads on any device, from Computer’s to mobiles. Use a highly optimized template to give good impact to users as well as google and always keep in mind that your blog loading speed is low. There are many tweaks to lower your blog loading time.

If you are using blogger platform then from my point of view you can use Alltechbuzz blogger template that is highly optimized and well maintained.

Use Proper Information while applying

While applying to adsense make sure you have used proper infomation, which means correct name, email address, your address, phone number, etc. In payee name fill the name of person who have proper national identity because the cheque will come with his name(I think now we can change payee name 🙂 )

Remove ads of other ad serving companies

If you are using ads of other companies like Chitika, Infolinks, yahoo, bidvertiser etc then it is better to remove them. If you will remove them then there is more chance that AdSense will approve your blog and you can show ads on your blog. Once approved then from my point of view you should use Infolinks with Adsense. As Infolinks has best user experience as compared to others.

Last Words

Many People think that getting adsense improval is impossible in countries like India, pakistan, bangladesh etc. but believe me it’s not. I am from India and i had got approval within 1 month and some people also think that domain age should be 6 month or more, this is also a complete myth. Your Content, page design and some other strategies which i mentioned above matters.

If you want to Get AdSense then you have to apply these strategies.

I Hope that you have liked this article! If you have any doubts or suggestions just comment below!



  • In my first attempt Google does not approved my account. But now I will apply it with your method. Thanks for sharing this secret.

  • Nice article bro,its great for the people who are waiting for adsense because of misconception of adsense is approved for blog having min age of 6month

  • Thanks for these tips. I also want to earn money and i will surely try these tactics on my blog.
    I hope i will get adsense approval soon. 🙂

  • Awesome tips man. I got my adsense approval few days back and I would like to add few more things like site should have About Us and Contact Us page. Also Google Authorship should be there on your blog. If you will follow above mentioned tips than you will surely get your Adsense account 🙂


  • Awesome post,
    Your blog has some seriously nice stuff that I found very interesting as well as informative.
    Keep up the good work!

  • I am a newbie blogger, and I felt really good after reading your article (esp. the 1 month thing).
    My blog is getting 1 month old, Can you please help me out with the approval?

    • I feel good to find that you liked this article! Just get some more posts and decent traffic from search engines! and adsense will definitely approve you!
      Note : Content should be yours 🙂

  • Thanks buddy, will apply all above tips to my new blog

  • awesome information…….Thanks for sharing with for quality back links

  • Nitin well you have mentioned very good points indeed. But I suggest you should not only relay on adsense as your major income. Anyways it was nice exploring your blog.


  • Thanks for sharing precious information!

    Must be appreciated !

  • Nice article Nitin..
    I too wrote an article on How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast….but i don’t think it is better then your’s post.
    Covered all the information..
    Really appreciated..

  • Yes, it is right that we can get adsense approved within a month or so…. I did it on Top Trendy Things

  • It is nice to know that a one month old blog can also get approved.
    Thanks for sharing,…

  • Very very thanks for your tips. My first Adsense account was rejected. Now, i am going to apply for a new Adsense account with a new email address with your tips


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