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Complete Guide to Event Based Niche Blogging for Beginners

EverΒ tried Event based Niche blogging till now? If you are working on an event based niche blog and got it ranked, you can make good amount of money in just 7-10 days(2000-3000$ quite easily). You can start a event blog nearly 30-45 days before the event and can get it ranked by writing some good content and doing link building(Actually Spam link building). So today hereby I am sharing some tips you can use to build backlinks to your event based niche blog easily in just 3-4 days. πŸ™‚ and the purpose to make Event based niche blogs.

What are Event Based niche Blogs?

Event based blogs are the one which mainly receives traffic on an event and is about a event like new year, Friendship day, Valentines day, Football matches etc. Main Aim of these types of blog is money. You can earn more money in less time by event based niche blogging. Event based niche blogging is a complete boon for bloggers who want to make much money in short span of time. You have to concentrate on several on page and off page techniques for this blog and yeah you have to do it quick, you have to be quick if you want to be successful in Event Based Niche Blogging.

How to Make Money with event based Niche blogs?

You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:-

  • Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Your own product
  • +various Ad networks

Things to Keep in mind for Backlinking:

  1. Proper anchor text variation : Don’t use same keyword again and again – that will make your blog look suspicious and Google will not rank your site.
  2. Links from less OBL pages : Here OBL stands for outbound links. Make backlinks from sites/pages which are having less OBL. Try to only make links from sites having 10-20 max outbound links.
  3. Don’t do too much directory submission.
  4. Content quality should be kept in mind – gone are the days of 2014 when people used to rank without good content. Although you can still do so but quality content ensures good rankings.

How to Build Backlinks for Event Based Niche Blog?

To build backlinks for Event based niche blog you have to find auto Approve+dofollow blogs and spam them completely. Doing this will get your blog ranking good. I consider only 3 methods for building backlinks for a event based niche blogs, that are blog commenting, taking sitewide links and directory submission. Yup, these 3 things works perfectly for me and even you can apply same tactics. So below I am sharing some methods to find Blogs for blog commenting, directory submission and how to get Sitewide Links.

How to Find Blogs for commenting?

Method #1 Use tools for finding blogs

There are several tools you can use for finding Auto Approve blogs like AHrefs and Cognitive SEO(Recommended).

If you want to do a complete research to find Auto approve blogs then you have to buy the member ship of any one of these otherwise you will only get some blogs. Well I prefer Cognitive SEO for you as it is inexpensive and easy to use. So let’s start how to find auto approve blogs using Cognitive SEO.

  • Firstly, find some event niche blogs which got good traffic during the event. Find nearly 3-4 blogs and note them down.
  • After noting them down, go to cognitive seo backlink checker tool and analyse that blog’s backlink. You will find some blogs which you have not seen before(if you are not a niche blogger πŸ˜‰ )

Event based niche blogging

  • Copy the blog URL’s which are found during the analysis of others event based niche blogs.
  • and go one by one to those blogs, you will find that the blogs have good PR, auto approve+dofollow comments.
  • Make Backlinks on those blogs as much as possible. Β Oh sorry! i mean spam them completely but not on a single post, go to dfferent, different posts and spam them.

How to Find Directories to submit your Niche blog

Well it’s also a tough job to find directories, where you can submit your niche blog for better seo. To find directory sites for directory submission follow these steps:-

  • Get some Event based blog URl, go to those blogs one by one, in those blogs you will get some reciprocal links to directory sites in the sidebar or footer. It will look like this:-
  • Go one by one to those directories and submit your niche blog url.
  • Don’t forget to give reciprocal link to those directories.
  • Submit to 5-6 directories a day and start from 15 days before the event.

Sitewide links

Sitewide links are those which are placed in the sidebar of a blog, these links helps in quick ranking for your keyword. Yeah you heard it right, quick result. Suppose that a site has 300 posts, pr 5 and you got sitewide link from that blog, so the 1 sitewide link will be counted as 300+ backlinks to your blog. Because it will be shown on each and every post on that blog in the sidebar. Many people think that it is a tough job to find blogs to get site wide links. Well it’s not really that tough.

You can ask the owner directly or post about it in facebook group like:-

This is a quick way to find blogs which will allow you to place your event blog link on their sidebar

Sweet Tip for Sitewide Links : Don’t use same keywords again and again, and also don’t take too many sitewide links at once. Let some get indexed and then take more.

Screenshots which will make you think Event based niche blogging is best!

People mainly do Event based Niche blogging for fun, well it’s really an awesome felling when your blog get ranked at top in the list and you got traffic in lakh!!! Here is one of my screenshot which may get you motivated to work hard:

A Real time traffic screenshot by the Iftekhar AhmedΒ fromΒ Iftiseo. This is his first time in Event based niche blogging. He used the rightΒ techniques and attracted 25000+ real timeΒ and 5 lakh+ unique visits on this blog:


I Hope that you got Some ideas about Event based niche blogging.

Likes and Comments are Appreciated. If you have any doubts or comments then please mention them in the comment section below. If you find this post helpful then please support us by sharing the post. πŸ™‚ All The Best for New Year event, stand out of the crowd and also try some new methods and share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey Nitin,

    Great Article. I love your tool and try this tool soon. Your strategy to rank higher in the event based niche is great. I will try it no matter win or fail.
    Thank you for sharing this with us buddy… πŸ™‚

  2. But the question is, does creating backlinks is the only and only way to rank high faster? Is this blackhat or what? I’m never clear with this question. Some people use tools like MagicSubmitter to do this task. Is it completely okay or what? If possible, explain.


    • This method is completely black hat, if you want to do it the white hat way, then first you have to create a authority site where you are completely following white hat, with using such blogs you can rank for events the white hat way
      and yeah some people also use tools for link building, i can’t say how they works as i never used them(can’t say about them)
      Thanks and keep visiting!

  3. well very nice post..Had a lot of fun while reading this post…
    are sidewide links also those which are in footer of a blog

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  5. Nice trick, I have one doubt ..so we should be well prepared for google penalty and we should not opt for long term event niche blogging for that domain as it will be penalised for sure. Thanks again for sharing.

    • If you are using long term domain for event, then be sure, create an authority site first, after that post about events on that blog, that blog will rank for events with white hat seo only, if you are using a EMD domain for event and using black hat then it will get penalized after some days by google! I Hope you got your answer
      Thanks and keep visiting!

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  7. Hi Nitin,

    Great information.
    Still now I was wondering how event niche blogger rank so quickly but now I know some of those method.

    Thanks for this awesome post.

  8. There is another trick to spam the links. U said that go to others posts do spam link building, well u r correct but one Can miss many post regarding same website so better use foot prints to make work easier.
    Eg. Site:autoapproveblog.com “common phrase u I’ll find on the post”

    Using this way I created 45,000 pr 4-5 links in 5hrs on my niche blog but unfortunately google has released update before 3 days and ultimaltely loosed my ranking

      • i love event blogging and really want to work that types of blogging and specially world cup , i concentrate full πŸ™‚
        thanks and nice artillery
        GOD bless you

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    You are simply awesome dude. I enjoyed this informative post. Event niche blogging won’t stay for long as it is unethical. It is absolutely useless when you don’t add value to the readers. Some pro-bloggers are spoiling the blogosphere in the name of event blogging. Money is important to everyone but being unethical is a bad thing.

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  19. Yeah Great post Nitin I found it perfect because after trying so many event blogs, i found some mistakes which I was doing and here you short out those problems.I would like to add just 1 thing for event bloggers is just be consistent on your EMD blog throughout a month and see the results. don\’t do everything in a overnight.

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    • Akshat, that was Allindiaresults2014.com, it ranked for new year also. Now working on some bigger projects, will come back once they will be success.

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    • Hello Sandeep,

      You don’t need any kind of server to run your event based blog even if you buy a domain from GoDaddy. See for DNS server option and search for tutorials as such “How to Set Up Custom Domain in Blogger.” You will find a number of blogs providing tutorials where you can get free blog hosting.

      I hope you got the information for what you were looking for.

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    Seeing how people comment about this, the niche is remarkably a cool one.

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  30. Hey Nitin,
    Nice post. I have a question. Kindly answer it whenever you get some time. What was your site traffic before event? I am also working on an event based blog. I have created 700 backlinks but traffic is not really good. Event is a few months away. Now tell me is it seems okay.. i would appreciate your quick reply..

    • Hello Sana, not a problem. If the event is few months away then you will not get much traffic. Traffic will start flowing in from last 15 days and during last 3 days,high amount of traffic will come. πŸ™‚

  31. Hello Nitin,

    I was recently asked by someone about event blogging which I had no idea about. Your this post cleared up many things for me in regards of event blogging.

    I have one question though. What type of domain name we’d require solely for event blogging?

    Like I want to cover up an IT based event, something like launch of a smartphone, etc.; the domain I have is about flowers and that event is about IT. It won’t suit the whole picture, right?

    For it, we’d require a related domain name to that event, correct? Please, help me on this question.

    ~ Adeel

    • Hello Adeel Sami,

      You will need a related domain name to get more success and good rank in Google. Although their are several not related blogs of mine which I rank on complete different events with some black hat stuffs. Still, domain related to the event is preferred to rank fast. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

      EMD would work better.

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  45. I started an Event blog on Game Of Thrones just a week before the new season. I was unable to rank good in Google but I got 1000+ views on day one from Bing. However, starting few months before the event starts is also a key factor.

    Hope everyone takes it a note.

    Thank for the info! Cheers!

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