How to Download Youtube Videos without Downloading any Software for Free


All of you may want to know, how you could download youtube videos for free without any software. If this is true, then you’re at the right place. Using this simple tutorial, you can easily Download youtube videos easily without even downloading a single software on your Computer. There are many ways which you can use, to download youtube videos for free.


After reading this simple tutorial, you will be easily be able to download youtube videos for Free without using any software. That’s why I’ve titled it “How to Download Youtube Videos without downloading any Software“. Let’s start, below is the step by step guide to download youtube videos easily.

Note : You can use xVideoServiceThief software to download youtube videos for free, without facing any trouble

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How to Download Youtube videos for Free Easily?

Below is a step by step tutorial, which you can follow to download videos from YouTube for free easily:-

  • Firstly, go to Youtube Official Website.
  • Search for the video, which you want to download(I am searching for Eminem’s Rap god video as an example).
  • After searching, go to the video which you want to download. You will find a screen like given below.

youtube videos download for free

  • As you can see in the above video, add ‘ss’ before and then click enter.
  • After pressing enter, you will be redirecting to a whole new site like given below:-

youtube videos for free download without software

  • Now, click on whatever quality you want to download that video in.
  • That’s it, now you’ve downloaded that video.

You got to know, it’s that easy. If you’re finding any problem in downloading youtube videos for free without any software.

Note : This video is for educational purpose only, Piracy is a crime. If you someone catches you, you can get behind the bars.


There can be many reasons you want to learn how to download youtube videos for free without using any software. But I should tell you, not to do piracy. Treat these kinds of stuffs for educational purpose only. Using this simple tutorial you can easily download youtube videos for free on your computer.

If you’re having any doubts, queries or suggestion related to this topic. You can comment below, I will try my best to solve them. That’s all you should know about this topic. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks. In the mean time you can checkout how to use 2 whatsapp account on single mobile with OGWhatsapp.


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    Amazing post.And so nice tutorial how to download you tube videos without downloading any software for free. Before your post I don’t know about download YouTube videos without downloading any software.After getting your post I know this type information. you shared everything step by step. I will share this post with my followers, hope they will love it.

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