How to Write Perfect SEO-Optimised Articles?

increase blog traffic

Developing product or website-specific content or including SEO keywords within the article write-up does not make it 100% SEO-optimised. There are other things that need to be done for making a complete SEO-Optimised article in today’s digital world. The most genuine content writing companies focus on certain parameters that determine the quality and relevancy of a SEO-optimised article. Successful and efficient SEO-optimised content only happens after all these elements have been taken care of in the article.

increase blog traffic

And the key things to include in an article to make it SEO-optimised are:

Meta Title and Post Title

Whether in a blog or in an article, titles matter the most. Now, there are two sides to it. The same title is viewed in one way by the article readers (Post title) and in another way by the search engine (Meta Post title). The Ebook copywriters have the best hands in writing SEO-optimised titles that’s sure to catch the attention of both the audience and the search engines. The writers also maintain the ideal length of Meta title, i.e. less than 66 characters. With this, they make the articles perfectly optimised for higher search engine ranks.

H1, H2, H3 Header Tags

Instead of writing paragraphs and essays, the Ebook copywriters divide content into headings and sub-headings. At the same time, they include the keywords in these headings, which automatically make the content more optimised for the search engines. And with the headings, users find the content easy-to-eye. The content writing agencies also emphasise on writing content in bullet forms, which all the more enhances the user experience and increases the readability score of the article.

Meta Description

Yet another important aspect of a perfectly SEO-optimised article, the Meta description is nothing but a 156 character description that complements the article title. And the Ebook copywriters by including the primary keyword in the Meta description ensure an enhanced content visibility in the search engine pages. Writers add a relevant Meta Description and their efforts pay sweet results by increasing the Click-Through-Rates.


Permalinks are some unwanted words which automatically appear in an article while it is going to be published. Content writing services take special care in seeing that permalinks don’t exist in the article title. Contentmart edits all the permalinks and makes articles well optimised for SEO.

Keyword Density

Another commendable quality of the Ebook copywriters is that they maintain proper keyword density, meaning the number of times a particular keyword appears in articles. Ideally, it is 0.5-2% per keyword and so the content writing companies also make certain that the writers make perfect placement of the keywords in all places of the entire article content.

Complete Guide to Event Based Niche Blogging for Beginners

Event based niche blogging

Ever tried Event based Niche blogging till now? If you are working on an event based niche blog and got it ranked, you can make good amount of money in just 7-10 days(2000-3000$ quite easily). You can start a event blog nearly 30-45 days before the event and can get it ranked by writing some good content and doing link building(Actually Spam link building). So today hereby I am sharing some tips you can use to build backlinks to your event based niche blog easily in just 3-4 days. 🙂 and the purpose to make Event based niche blogs.

What are Event Based niche Blogs?

Event based blogs are the one which mainly receives traffic on an event and is about a event like new year, Friendship day, Valentines day, Football matches etc. Main Aim of these types of blog is money. You can earn more money in less time by event based niche blogging. Event based niche blogging is a complete boon for bloggers who want to make much money in short span of time. You have to concentrate on several on page and off page techniques for this blog and yeah you have to do it quick, you have to be quick if you want to be successful in Event Based Niche Blogging.

How to Make Money with event based Niche blogs?

You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:-

  • Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Your own product
  • +various Ad networks

Things to Keep in mind for Backlinking:

  1. Proper anchor text variation : Don’t use same keyword again and again – that will make your blog look suspicious and Google will not rank your site.
  2. Links from less OBL pages : Here OBL stands for outbound links. Make backlinks from sites/pages which are having less OBL. Try to only make links from sites having 10-20 max outbound links.
  3. Don’t do too much directory submission.
  4. Content quality should be kept in mind – gone are the days of 2014 when people used to rank without good content. Although you can still do so but quality content ensures good rankings.

How to Build Backlinks for Event Based Niche Blog?

To build backlinks for Event based niche blog you have to find auto Approve+dofollow blogs and spam them completely. Doing this will get your blog ranking good. I consider only 3 methods for building backlinks for a event based niche blogs, that are blog commenting, taking sitewide links and directory submission. Yup, these 3 things works perfectly for me and even you can apply same tactics. So below I am sharing some methods to find Blogs for blog commenting, directory submission and how to get Sitewide Links.

How to Find Blogs for commenting?

Method #1 Use tools for finding blogs

There are several tools you can use for finding Auto Approve blogs like AHrefs and Cognitive SEO(Recommended).

If you want to do a complete research to find Auto approve blogs then you have to buy the member ship of any one of these otherwise you will only get some blogs. Well I prefer Cognitive SEO for you as it is inexpensive and easy to use. So let’s start how to find auto approve blogs using Cognitive SEO.

  • Firstly, find some event niche blogs which got good traffic during the event. Find nearly 3-4 blogs and note them down.
  • After noting them down, go to cognitive seo backlink checker tool and analyse that blog’s backlink. You will find some blogs which you have not seen before(if you are not a niche blogger 😉 )

Event based niche blogging

  • Copy the blog URL’s which are found during the analysis of others event based niche blogs.
  • and go one by one to those blogs, you will find that the blogs have good PR, auto approve+dofollow comments.
  • Make Backlinks on those blogs as much as possible.  Oh sorry! i mean spam them completely but not on a single post, go to dfferent, different posts and spam them.

How to Find Directories to submit your Niche blog

Well it’s also a tough job to find directories, where you can submit your niche blog for better seo. To find directory sites for directory submission follow these steps:-

  • Get some Event based blog URl, go to those blogs one by one, in those blogs you will get some reciprocal links to directory sites in the sidebar or footer. It will look like this:-
  • Go one by one to those directories and submit your niche blog url.
  • Don’t forget to give reciprocal link to those directories.
  • Submit to 5-6 directories a day and start from 15 days before the event.

Sitewide links

Sitewide links are those which are placed in the sidebar of a blog, these links helps in quick ranking for your keyword. Yeah you heard it right, quick result. Suppose that a site has 300 posts, pr 5 and you got sitewide link from that blog, so the 1 sitewide link will be counted as 300+ backlinks to your blog. Because it will be shown on each and every post on that blog in the sidebar. Many people think that it is a tough job to find blogs to get site wide links. Well it’s not really that tough.

You can ask the owner directly or post about it in facebook group like:-

This is a quick way to find blogs which will allow you to place your event blog link on their sidebar

Sweet Tip for Sitewide Links : Don’t use same keywords again and again, and also don’t take too many sitewide links at once. Let some get indexed and then take more.

Screenshots which will make you think Event based niche blogging is best!

People mainly do Event based Niche blogging for fun, well it’s really an awesome felling when your blog get ranked at top in the list and you got traffic in lakh!!! Here is one of my screenshot which may get you motivated to work hard:

A Real time traffic screenshot by the Iftekhar Ahmed from Iftiseo. This is his first time in Event based niche blogging. He used the right techniques and attracted 25000+ real time and 5 lakh+ unique visits on this blog:


I Hope that you got Some ideas about Event based niche blogging.

Likes and Comments are Appreciated. If you have any doubts or comments then please mention them in the comment section below. If you find this post helpful then please support us by sharing the post. 🙂 All The Best for New Year event, stand out of the crowd and also try some new methods and share with us in the comment section below.

5 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives to use in 2016

best digitalocean alternatives

5 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives to use in 2016 : The best digitalocean alternative are mentioned in this article, you can use these as your web hosts for your blogs or websites.

Best DigitalOcean alternative : Hello folks, I know your over here because you wanna know about the best alternatives of Digital Ocean. So as well all know Digital Ocean is one of the best web hosting services out there, but then again, nothing is perfect. Everything has got it’s own flaws. So now let’s get started with our list.

Top 5 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives 2016 which you might like and can use as your best web hosts.

best digitalocean alternatives
best digitalocean alternatives

Note : You can check Kontent Machine discount and Semrush coupon if you want to become big SEO. 🙂

1. WpEngine

Having a reliable hosting is necessary, and this is where exactly WpEngine comes into existence.  Now you might also have an doubt, why does this hosting offering only for WordPress users. Because, you can do marvelous work when you just focus on one thing. That’s enough of introduction I think, now let’s start it with my experience using this.

WPEngine is one of the best Digitalocean alternative which you guys can use and I love this hosting. Several of sites are here which are managing good traffic for me. I use the 29$/month plan.

Let’s talk about the loading speed, the best thing which I like about WpEngine is that the site loads much faster than compared to any other hosting I’ve used so far. Now talking about the price, is it so costly, nope it isn’t. The price range starts from $29 per month which is worth your buck. Checkout some of the best WPEngine Coupons right here.

2. A Small Orange

Now chances are more that you probably might not also like the WpEngine, no worries folks, I’ve also got ‘Plan B’ for you as well. Now probably this is the second best hosting service which I would recommend to anyone. A Small Orange, probably the first thing which you would be looking for is reliability. No doubts regarding this, the uptime is amazing, I’ve hardly faced any issues regarding this.

A Small orange is also a good digital ocean alternative which you guys can use. You can checkout A small orange review here.

Talking about the loading speed, it isn’t as fast as WpEngine, but still it’s just a fraction of bit slower than the WpEngine.  Now all these things are okay, but what about the support? The support team is fabulous I would say, they are real quick and solve your problems as soon as possible.  Even the price is quite cheap as well, it starts from just $5 per month. You probably gotta give it a shot, you gonna love it.

3. Inmotion Hosting

You probably might be hearing this name for the first time, but still, this hosting company stands first. Though this is a new company this is definitely better than A Small Orange host. The site loading speed is much faster and also you got the best service. You also got daily backups, so you don’t even need to worry about loosing your data.

Though the pricing is a bit higher, it’s completely worth it.

4. Hostgator

Probably, when you think  of hosting, Hostgator is the first thing which comes into your mind. Hostgator was established in 2002 and it is one of the best hosting services out there. But, try this hosting only if you don’t like the above 3 hosting companies. The loading time of website isn’t that great but it is neither that worst as well. It’s pretty good.

You can use Hostgator VPS hosting if you want to get good results. You can use the coupons given below to get following discounts. It’s also good Digitalocean alternative.

  • FULLTECHTRICKS994 – Get 1st month hosting at 0.01$
  • FULLTECHTRICKS25 – Get 25% off on your purchase.

You can try of this hosting, if you don’t like this hosting, don’t worry you’ve also got 45 days money back guarantee. Even the uptime is good as well. So you probably gonna love this.

5. BlueHost

BlueHost was started in the year 2000 and I gotta say it has been providing  good service. The price is quite cheap as well. Even the website loading time is good but it cannot beat WpEngine in terms f loading speed.

The support of the team is good as well, it is reliable. We haven’t faced any downtimes.  Unlike others, this is a trusted web hosting company.

Final Words

So probably you might have got an idea about what are the best alternatives of Digital Ocean. Now talking about my preference, I would prefer WpEngine. So, I hope you have liked this article, make sure to subscribe so that you can receive more such articles directly into your mail.

Want To Know How To Make Money Online?

Do you know the best ways to make money online? some people think that this is a piece of cake and they can easily make money online, today at my school one of my friends asked me about blogging, and i told many things about it like what is a blog, how to maintain a blog, how to make money online etc. and had taken 30 minutes or more for describing about blogging, and suddenly he said, yeah blogging is very easy and it is the easiest way to earn and what to say next, i just ended up the conversation. Here are some of the best Online Jobs for College Students.

how to make money online
Image Source

 So, Today i am going to tell you some things you can use to make money online, this is a surefire way you can use to make money online. I think that you all know these ways, but are you using these? you will get the answer in the lines below.

Getting Started

Well, Frankly speaking there is no rocket science you can use to make money online. There are several things you need to follow for a period of time and you will definitely start with making money online. If you cannot do hard work, then this post is not for you, quit reading this post. If you are a hard worker then carry on reading, and don’t expect any money from your blog if you are a newbie, and don’t have any knowledge about blogging. So here we starts, these things you can follow to make money online(Some methods also included) 🙂

Learn Blogging and SEO

how to do seo
Image Source

Blogging – A great way to Earn money online, to become a good blogger you need to learn some techniques like search engine optimization, content marketing, understanding social media and many more. This is the main problem, a newbie faces and leave blogging if he don’t have interest to learn seo. If you got these techniques, you will definitely get a taste of your online earnings in some time but before earnings you have to implement these methods. The main reason of Failure among newbie blogger is they didn’t learned seo and cannot survive for long run.

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog, many people find most difficulty in choosing the niche to blog about, most of the people start with tech niche or blogging niche and get disapointed because they are not able to earn from it. Don’t think that if the other person is earning with blog under blogging/seo niche then you are also going to earn with it, choose your niche wisely, only choose the topic which you are well aware about and have passion in it. You need to choose a reliable hosting for your blog, which is cheap, awesome and have good support, i will prefer hostgator hosting for you. If you want to start blogging prefer these articles:-

  1. How to start your blogging career?
  2. Basic SEO Tutorial for beginners
  3. Off page SEO – Link building methods

Read these guides carefully to get to know the basics about seo and blogging and start your blog to earn money online.

Getting traffic to your blog

Getting traffic to your blog is directly proportional to earnings, but the traffic you are targeting should have interest in your blog, otherwise he will visit your blog one time and then he will leave it. Enstine muki did a post on his blog – Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong! I recommend each and everyone of you to read this article, and you will get to know in what way you are going wrong in driving traffic and increasing your sales. So come to the point, how to drive traffic to your blog? i mean “driving targeted traffic” you can follow several strategies to drive traffic to your blog, you can use facebook, google+, linkedin, stumbleupon, reddit. search engines and there are many more ways to drive traffic. Read these guides if you want to drive huge targeted traffic to your blog:-

  1. 21 ways to get traffic to your blog
  2. Build Readership for your newly created blog
  3. How to Attract search engine traffic
  4. Get traffic from Facebook
  5. How to Get traffic from Stumbleupon
  6. My method to get traffic from reddit

Now i think you got some idea, about getting traffic, i hope that you will use these in write way and you will definitely win the battle to earn money online, but remember traffic is not the only thing to earn, carry on reading on you will get to know how to earn.

Money Factor – Earnings

Now coming to the earning money part 😉 it’s not easy to earn money online, but yeah some people who are working hard but still can’t earn money online can use these methods and earn money online easily. There are several ways of earning money too, some are general which is all set on auto pilot, and for some methods you have to work as you get order, so here we start.

Ad Networks

There are several ad networks which pay you for using their ads on your blog, each and every ad network have their different policies like some pay for clicks, some pay for ad impressions, some pay for an action from the buyer after going to that ad page and there are several others, the best ad network is Google Adsense but getting Google Adsense approval is not that easy, you need to make your blog good to get Google Adsense Approval easily. If Google adsense is not approving you then don’t worry, there are several other ad networks you can use to monetize your blog+there are several more methods you can use to make money online.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, a very good way to earn money online, requires good amount of hard work also, but it can also be done on auto pilot mode, if you are good at SEO, or else youtube seo. If you are good at seo and can rank particular keyword related to your post which you have done to get some sales, then definitely you will get some search engine traffic to that post, and as we all know search engine traffic converts like crazy, so you will definitely get good amount of sales. Read this guide form Harsh Aggarwal about what is affiliate marketing and FAQ’s, Get to know about affiliate marketing and try your hands in it and don’t get upset, if you will not success in the first chance then there are still second, third……. and many more chances are there, just don’t give up and you will definitely get success in Affiliate marketing. Building facebook fan base also results in good sales in affiliate marketing, you should give it a try, actually not facebook but you should experiment with all the social networking sites.

Offer a Service

If you have a blog with good readership, a good fan base, and you are not using any other methods or if you are good in anything then you can create a page about it on your blog and get the clients rolling in. You can check my page from where you can Hire me. Offer such services in which you have good experience, otherwise the client who have taken your service will not want to get served by you later. If you find it difficult to maintain a blog, so there are several other platforms you should use to get good number of clients. You can use sites like Fiverr and SEOClerks, optimize your gigs in a good way and you will definitely get good number of customers.

Up to you

There are several more methods you can use to make money online, don’t forget to comment your method to make money online in the comment section below. I don’t know what pro bloggers use to make money online, or i think they also uses these methods but their strategies and techniques are different or else they are applying what they know in a good way and doing hard work on it, that’s why they are earning more and more. Do you think that making money online is a task which is impossible? Then you have to read this income report, harsh aggarwal just published this on his blog, Income report of july 2014 of shoutmeloud. You will definitely get some inspiration after reading this income report.

Remember one think it will take some time for your blog to be build, and generating some income in the online world, don’t think that it is very easy and you will start generating money from the very first day of starting your blog, always do your duty, without concentrating on results, you will definitely get sweet fruits for your hard work in some time.

I hope that these ideas to make money online will be helpful for you. Thank you for Reading this post, if you have any doubts, queries or suggestion or any methods you are using to make money online then share it below.
Bonus Tip: Leverage most of conversion optimization in order to get highest clicks and CTR on your ads. Try Ptengine , it’s best and free CRO tool.

Beginners Guide to Keyword Research and keyword Implementation

Are you finished writing EPIC content for your blog? But don’t have Organic Search traffic to your blog. It’s time to Edit your post and add some high Searched keywords to your posts at right places. What you think about keywords, are they really worth adding to your articles? The answer is yes, if you’ll add keywords to your blog posts nicely then you will see the benefits itself rolling in. In this article you will find how to do keyword research, how to check competition of keywords and use those keywords wisely on your blog posts to generate some organic traffic.
keyword research guide

Starting Keyword Research

To start with keyword research you first need to go to the Adwords keyword tool which is offered for free from Google, go to adwords keyword tool to research for some particular keyword.
Let me use keyword ‘Get likes on Facebook
Keyword research guide
After searching for your keyword, you can find more potential keywords in the section below
Try to also go with those keywords having High number of searches.
Once you are done with finding potential keywords for your blog, make a list of them and finally go on to the Second Step.

Next Step : Analyzing Keyword Competition

After finding the best potential keywords to use in your article, it’s time to analyze the competition. To find whether you can easily rank the keyword or not. For doing so follow the below steps.For analyzing competition, first you will need an Extension SEO quake. Install it on your browser. After installing it you can measure keyword’s competition.
  • Go to Google and search for the keyword, like i want to analyze ‘Get Likes on Facebook’. See Image below.
keyword competition analysis
Here i have searched for the keyword ‘Get likes on Facebook’ and you can see the sites or blogs which are ranking on the top page have good PR, good Alexa rank, good domain age and all other things are good. If you want to go with this keyword then you have to work very hard in off page SEO to rank this keyword. I suggest you to not to go for this keyword instead try to analyze the keywords which has less competition.
You can also try the relevant terms you have find during the keyword research and properly analyze them. If you find that the blog’s ranking on the top page are not good, have less alexa rank, less PR, less domain age then simply go for that keyword and you will easily Rank that keyword with less Link building.
So here keyword research part is finished, let we come to “Implementation of keywords in your blog posts”

Implementation of keywords

Are you done with keyword research? Now are you worried about where to use those keywords. You can use keywords in the following places:-
  • Post Title
  • Image name and image anchor text
  • Anchor text
  • Starting and Ending paragraph of your blog post
  • In Search Description
  • Bold, Italicize and underline your keywords
  • H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags(In heading and sub headings)
  • Custom permalink
Thats it! I hope that you have liked this article, leave your doubts and valuable feedbacks in the comment section Below

How to Start your Blogging Journey Smoothly to Get Success

Start blogging easily

Do you want to Opt Blogging as your Career, and Don’t Know Much About Blogging, Then you have Arrived the Best Place to Get Success in Blogging by Smoothly Starting your Blogging Career. If you want to Get Success in Blogging then you have to not do any Mistake at the Start of your Blogging Career. If you do so, then you Blogging Career will be Ruined. This Post is for the Newbie Bloggers who are Struggling to Get Success in Blogging. In this Article I will be Covering Some Topics like How to Create a Blog, How to Start Blogging and Some Good Blogger Templates to Choose to Get better Response from your Blog Readers(SEO Responsive Blogger Templates). So Here we Start.

If you want to start blogging, then you should have good social media influence. Here check the best tips to increase facebook page likes.

How to become a Blogger

What to Choose? Blogger or WordPress??

People Get Confused under this Topic, they Don’t Know what Blogging Platform to Choose for Starting their Blogging Journey. I Recommend you to use Blogger at Starting as Blogger is Easy to use, Have Easy Features and When you Get Expert in Blogging then Move to WordPress. Using WordPress is Complex so I have Recommended you to use Blogger at Starting. There are Many Free Bloggging Sites but I will Strongly Recommend you to use only Blogger platform.

How to Create a Blog

Now, If you have Decided to Create a Blog then Follow these Steps to make your Own Blog. You can Later Transfer it to a Hosted Domain. Follow these Steps to Get to Know how to Make a Blog:-
  • Firstly, Go to BLOGGER.COM, then Click on NEW BLOG. It will Look Like this
How to Create a Blog
  • After Clicking on New Blog, A Window will Appear, In this Window Type the Title and URL of your Blog According to you and Select a Theme and then click on Create Blog. Your Blog is Now Created. You can post on your Blog by Clicking on New Post in the Dashboard Section of your Blog, A Live Example is Below.


How to Write a Blog Article

What to post on your Blog?

Now, I think a Question is Arising in your Mind, that is “WHAT TO POST ON YOUR BLOG?” Really this is Bit Confusing, But Once you Start you will feel that Blogging is not That Hard. You have to Choose Best NICHE(Topic) which Suits you like My Niche is “BLOGGING,SEO Tips, Social Media Tips etc” like this you also Have to Choose your Niche of your Passion. Like Some people like to Blog on Movies, Some like to Blog on Gaming, Some like to Blog on Facebook Tips. If you  Choose your Niche according to you then you can Easily Get Success in Blogging. I have Seen Many Blogger’s out There, who are not Passionate about their Niche and Fail in their Blogging Career and Get Depressed. So I will Highly Recommend you to Blog on the Topic you are Passionate about or otherwise you will Get Failed in your Blogging Career.

Some SEO Responsive Blogger Template

Choosing the Best SEO Responsive Template is very Necessary, If you don’t have the Right Template you can lose many Visitors. Below is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Templates you can use on your Blog:-
It is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Template which you can use on your Blog to Get Good User Response.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

From the Starting of your Blogging Career you have to Focus on SEO, It is the Process of Ranking your Content well in Search Engines. There are Two Types of SEO:-
  • On-Page SEO – This process Include Methods you can do while you are Writing your Article Like Writing Good Content, Keyword Research, Better Search Description, Choosing Labels Wisely, Meta Tags and Description, Using Keywords Wisely.
  • Off-Page SEO – This Process Contains Method you can use when you have Written your Article, this is Mainly used to Promote your Content to Gather Readership to your Blog. It Include Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Link Building, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Search Engine Submission and Much More.
Now I think you have Learnt the BASICS OF BLOGGING. If you have any Doubts, Queries or your Thoughts about Blogging then Don’t Forget to Leave your Comment below. We are here to Review Each and Every Comment as We Know the Cost of your Time.