Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for Free Download 2017(Popular)

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for Free Download 2017(Popular) : The Top 10 Best Torrent Sites List are here, using these popular torrent sites, you can download movies games and many other things for free easily.

Best Torrenting Sites : For past couple of year’s torrent sites is one of the best place for downloading songs, movies, games etc. Today I am going to tell you the top 10 torrent sites judged by itorrentsites. Itorrentsites is a torrent checking site which arbitrate sites by his incessantly traffic figures.

Top 10 torrent sites

Currently torrent sites are best p2p network where people upload and download their desired files. For the duration of years the usage of torrent sites are spectacularly increased by the large number of people round this globe.

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There are bunch of torrent sites available on the internet but picking up the suitable ones is a quite tough chore. So today I am going tell you the 10 best torrent sites which I picked based on my own experience in 2014-2015. So let’s get started, here are the 10 best and most popular torrent sites which you can use to download movies and games for free:-

The Best Torrents Sites of 2015

Here are the best torrent sites listed with their priorities from top to bottom, you can use these for downloading anything for free:-


The Pirate Bay is one of the best BitTorrent sites ever. But for some issues this site went down. TPB is one of the oldest site and previously it was the king of the all torrent sites.
The good news The Pirate Bay was getting better and better every day. Now it obtains 50,000,000 probable unique visitors ever month. This site also gives magnet link as well as torrent links.

Kickass Torrent

It is a very good torrent site with all types of files and kickass torrent has a bulky library of excellent torrent files. This site was launched in 2009 and that time Kickass torrent has ranked in second position in top 10 torrent site list.


This site has 25.000.000 files in their database. This site also has a good ranking among with the torrent sites. Torrentz receives 15,000,000 unique visitors per month. IT’s also familiar to all major search engines.

Extra Torrent

This is another great torrent site. ExtraTorrent is totally free site for any downloading. It monthly receives 3,000,000 unique visitors. ET is heading towards more and more users month after month. And it has ranked 4th in my list.

Extratorrent might not work in many regions, to unblock it, checkout our guide about how to unblock extratorrents in 2017.


Torrent has quality content, seeders, leechers with ratings and comments also. It upholds a colossal database of torrent files from the torrent web world.


You can try Bit snoop. At present you may call it biggest because it has the foremost database of torrent files. Well structure of this site is promising and it shows rating and comments in a proper style.


ISOHUNT went down on 17th in 2013 via MPAA’s kick out but now it’s working absolutely fine. Isohunt revived through a new domain in a new nation and then it acquired 2, 65,000 monthly unique visits.


Sumo torrent is the Bit Torrent’s search engine and directory. It achieved 0 to 35,000 daily visits within few months. Thus it’s the most useful place to uncover torrents. You should try and it’s my recommendation as well.


1337x is a community based torrent site where nearly all torrent sites gather and tag torrents. Clearly, it’s a bit different from others. Here, you’ll notice torrent files plus magnet link. But you can’t access it because it’s banned in India and UK by court.


Torrents are a search engine that usually index famous global sites for torrent files. You may not know that it can index 20 million plus torrents from numerous sites across the world much like “The Pirate Bay”.


These are the Top 10 Best Torrent Sites listed with their priorities which I would use while downloading anything online, Though as piracy is crime. This piece of content is for educational purpose only. There are many more torrent sites which you can use, but these are the best one’s. If you’ve any doubts, comment below. We’ll try our best to help you all. Thanks and keep visiting fulltechtricks for more articles like OGWhatsapp and Tweet Delete.

10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites|Watch Sports Online

best sports streaming sites

Hello & welcome to FullTechTricks, If you are a lover of sports then you will surely love the benefit of accessing the latest information of your favourite teams, updates , match dates quickly and easily. Here we have listed 10 sites which will allow you to get full information of your favorite sport including live streams of the matches which you don’t want to miss! Here is the list of top 10 Best free sports streaming sites through which you can watch sports online for live football streaming:

best free sports streaming sites
best free sports streaming sites

10 Best free Sports Streaming Sites:

These free best sports streaming sites are the best and have been arranged in descending order of their decency. Do Check them out and let us know if you’re looking for anything else related to popular sports websites.

#1. ESPNespn

This is one of the most popular channel for news and updates related to sports and it recognized all over. On ESPN online you have access to the most up-to-date information for various sports events. You can view the game videos, after game interviews, check scores, team performance and other related videos.

Click on the ‘Watch’ section to view latest sports related videos. You can also watch football sport streaming on the site.

ESPN majorly covers sports like baseball, football, basketball, tennis, racing, golf, ice hockey. You can even view the Olympics here.

Online radio is also available in case you cannot watch videos. This is #1 best sports streaming site.

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#2. NBC sportsnbc sports

NBC Sports is another American sports broadcasting website similar to ESPN. On NBC sports you will also find various videos regarding pre and post event updates. Any game or completion can be viewed live on NBC and even if you don’t want to watch live, you will find all the games played in an arranged list on the website so that you can access it in your free time.

They also have online shopping options for team merchandise as well as options to book tickets for upcoming games and matches.

They majorly have games similar to ESPN like basketball and baseball. NBC is watched by a big audience online, that’s why it’s on #2 in the list of best & free sports streaming sites 🙂

#3. Star sportsstar sports

Star Sports : For fans of cricket, you can forget about getting any info about cricket on the previous American websites, let alone live streaming. Here you will find live ball by ball updates of all the major cricket matches including the recent Asia Cup as well as the very popular IPL series.  Live scores and live video can easily be viewed. The major sports you will find here are cricket, hockey, football, tennis, badminton and racing.

#4. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is a widely used website used worldwide for free live streaming of matches and games of many kinds. It is popular among mobile users for streaming for its good speed and comparatively good video quality. However some users have notified that not all link lead upto the stream, some end up to be dead links. The range of live sport events you can view are football, baseball, basketball etc. It is a convenient and no hassle site to watch the major series of sports on even your handsets.

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#5. Stream Sports

If you go to the home page, you can view the different streams that are scheduled for the day and also for the following days and weekend. This allows the users to know in advance what time the match of their choice will be aired. This streaming site was given quite a lot of positive reviews by users and critics alike. This could be because of the regular updates of the links and the good quality video stream. It is also less annoying since the streams are ad free .

– This live stream is a popular option for viewing live football, rugby, basketball and baseball

#6. All Sport live

– This site is another good option if you like uninterrupted live streams. On the home page you will see a list of streams for the matches that are scheduled or that particular day or for a date in the near future. There is an option for you to translate the page into your own language as the main site explained is half in Russian and half English. Here you can view free live broadcast of matches, the results of the matches, video replays and reviews. The games included are football, basketball, hockey, tennis and racing among others.

#7. Sportlemontv

Smortlemontv is easy to use, simply designed website. Here you will find all the links to most of the popular games. Also there is an option for users to share their links of live streams with other users. It is a place for free live streams which thy claim on their site. They say ’There are only free streams at Sportlemon’. The user interface is fairly simple to understand and use. The list of upcoming games/matches is given in an orderly fashion. The games including tennis, basketball, and rugby all can be watched here

#8. Cricfree

Cricfree website has a good review from users as well. It is a live sports streaming service which allows users access to many online TV sites. It claims that we can view SkySports 1 and 2 with Cricfree for free. They have many links to many games on this site but they do not have any stream at cricfree. Here you can easily find and view from the TV channel which is airing it live. They have 12 categories each divided separately for 12 different sports including football, hockey, tennis, snooker etc. They also have a chat room where you can discuss with others about the sports or streams.

#9. Bosscast

–Bosscast is popular these days for its accurate streaming links and good quality videos. It is popular in north American countries. It has a good repute and has many recommendations from users online. Like cricfree, it also has a chat room on the home page. Users especially like this because you can easily communicate with other regarding any problem you may have with streaming. The list of major streaming is given on the front page too.

#10. Sky Sports

sky sports

This too is a great source for following competitions and watching sports events. It has a wide range of shows and videos and interviews related to sports which you can view free anytime. If you choose to become a subscribed member of Sky Sports, you can view views through Sky HD box or the mobile app, Sky Go app. The subscription is free. You can also upgrade your membership and with that you will have access to all the seven sky sports channels, but there is a fee for that. Out of the many sports available, a few are racing , football, cycling, wresting, darts among others.

This was our list of the websites you should visit if you don’t want to miss out on the latest info of the sports world. You can try out the live streams from your computer or mobiles as well and use these sites as a means of regular sports updates. These were the top sites to watch sports online/sports streaming websites.