Download IMO for Mac|Apple iPad/iPhone Free App

imo for apple, iphone, mac

Download IMO for Apple, Mac : Although many applications are available for messaging to the Mac Operating System users ,  but what if they could not get the best app in the business for this messaging purpose. So now the app lovers who go crazy for these kind of incredible features like video calling and all are not all exception with this Mac users and they also include the apple users catching some Iphone device or apple Macbook PC.

In Operating Systems like windows, it is always gonna be very easy to download but in mac based operating systems, it is not possible, because access to imo application for mac is not officially launched. But still one can easily be able to get and download the imo for pc application in mac OS. This is possible if you carefully go through the instruction given in this article of downloading imo for mac pc.

imo for apple, iphone, mac

One can always have the option to even add other chat emanates including the Facebook Chat (yes the messenger) and once you do that thing, you have no longer need to run back of those different  and separate applications for every service . So, it works like a one-stop channel for all the users out there. The options available inside are well-labelled and placed in a fashion with which you will get used to this app from the very first moment you start to begin it. I didn’t face any problems  in learning how to feel around this app and I think that’s the big advantage for me as a social media freak. Every message, no matter what its kind, is delivered and can be read immediately by the other user. The only thing that is limited inside is that every of your friend should be using IMO if you both want to enjoy the facility. But, since every other app is just like, so it’s not a turn down one.

Language Translator in IMO for MAC

One of the salient feature here in imo for mac is that the language translator. People in the present era seeks and are very eager to make new friends that too not in their country and also trying hard to find new friends worldwide in the universe. The major barrier here in making friends is that the communication problem which is due to different languages worldwide. IMO for apple, iPhone enables us to interact with people who are of very vast knowledge and of people of more than 30 languages which includes German, Japanese, French, etc.. The Imo team are everyday updated with new explorations worldwide to maintain some good healthy relations within the people who are connected through IMO. You might not be knowing about how to download imo for PC, check it out here.


This is the part of the article where I am going to teach you how to download the IMO application for MAC based operating System. For Apple devices like iphone mobile device and ipad devices, you can easily download the IMO app from your ios play Store and can avail the salient features of that particular app.

Download here :

To run any android applications on your pc, the first thing you have to do is to download the android emulator which gives you free access to use the android based applications on your pc. Here follow these simple steps to run IMO app on your apple MacBook PRO.

  • Go to iOS Emulator on your Mac based Operating System PC Official Website here..
  • Download the application, run and install it on your PC
  • open the application on your PC(IMO for PC).
  • Search as “imo” in the search bar and download that app and install the app in your PC…

This was the complete guide to using and installing IMO app on Mac, iPhone and all apple devices. Do let us know your doubts through the comment section.

Apple Macbook charger not working Fix : No light Problem

macbook charger not working problem fix

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The last day, during July a day came when my Macbook wasn’t working and when I connected charger to it, it was showing a dim green light which used to be usually bright. The bright light showed that my macbook is getting charged. The day after that I figured out a solution to this problem which you all might find suitable to use and can let your macbook work again.

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Note : This solution is for the problem ‘the charger is giving dim light’ and isn’t charging the macbook probably.

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So if your Apple Macbook charger is not working, having dim light problem then solution is right here which you might like and will definitely love.

macbook charger not working problem fix

Apple Macbook chargers isn’t working

It was around 2 days since my macbook charger wasn’t working fine and I was worried because apple store is around 15 km away from my home and I’ve to go there with a sun above my head in day time. that’s why, I waited for 2 days and experimented a bit and I got results & it worked.

For fixing it, you’ve to just charge your mac for around 6-7 hours and don’t worry about anything. Just set your charger and go to sleep when you will wake up. You will see, your mac is fine and working 🙂 If you still have any other problem then you can comment below and I will try to help you all to my best.

Basically, this problem happens because your macbook pro/air gets completely discharged and is not in the form of working so this problem happens. if this is happening with any of your friends, let them know about this article so they can also check about it and learn a lot from it guys. 🙂


What I’ve concluded through this problem is ‘never let your macbook pro/air discharge completely’ otherwise it can brought your head down and you have to go to apple store to get it fixed if you haven’t read this article. Share this article with all the macbook or apple users you know in your friends circle.

Thanks for reading, let me know if this has fixed your problem regarding Apple macbook charger not working. Thanks and keep visiting for more.

10 IPhone 6 Plus Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Iphone tips and tricks

Iphone 6 plus Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features : The launch of the iPhone 6 has plunged into yet another battle with arch technology rivals Samsung, with the former holding a significant advantage be it in terms of features or value to money. Not only did the combined sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus exceed 21 million units in the four weeks since their initial launch, but independent research conducted by consumer brand which confirmed that Apple’s latest handset recorded the fastest processing speeds of all contemporary smartphones.

In this post you will be able to learn about how to use the iPhone 6 plus better and tips &tricks that will help you what you can do with your new iPhone. The larger iPhone 6 Plus display makes it easy to use and also packs a few cool features you might miss if you are new to iPhone. With iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 on the iPhone 6 plus you can actually use your new iPhone to its full potential and get more for your money. All you will need a Mac on OS X Yosemite or an iPad on iOS 8 or higher to take the advantage so some of these tips and tricks. In this article, you will find the best Iphone 6 plus tricks, Iphone 6 plus tricks and hidden features. In this article mainly we’ll give you the best Iphone 6 plus Tricks which you might like.

Iphone tips and tricks

All most all of these iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks work just right out of the box, but you will need some accessories and apps for few of the iPhone 6 Plus tips that involves Apple’s Touch ID.You don’t need to reads the whole iPhone 6 manual to become a master of your device. Just keep on reading to learn how many of the iPhone 6 Plus features work and what all the stuff you can do with your new iPhone 6 Plus. Some of the iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks I will show you are already turned on, you just need to use them, while others will require steps to set up on the iPhone 6 Plus and on you other devices. Here are the 10 best tips, tricks and hidden features of Iphone 6 Plus:

Use the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed

Apple’s larger display made watching movies and playing games much more awesome ,but since it is a large device it is difficult to use with one-hand, but don’t worry there a tool to make using the iPhone 6 Plus easier when you can’t use your one-hand. Here’s a video showing how to use iPhone 6 Plus one-handed.

Just you need to double tap on the home button to use Reachability.Dont press, just tap on it like you do on the iPhone. This drops the iPhone 6 Plus screen down so you can reach the upper corners without difficulty.

Slow Motion Video on the iPhone 6 Plus

Your iPhone can shoot slow motion videos at 240 frames per second. It means that you can capture video at incredibly slow speeds.You can shot a video of a kid scoring a goal or even a bee buzzing along the garden, sometimes slower is better. For this you need to open the camera app, slide until you see slow motion and make sure 240 FPS is in the upper right. From there onwards record like normally you would do and the video will then include option to start and stop slow motion.

IPhone 6 Plus Landscape

The new iPhone 6 Plus supports landscape mode that includes a new landscape keyboard, new layouts for apps and landscape for the home screen. This acts a lot like an iPad and it is exclusively available to iPhone 6 Plus. When you use the keyboard you can see the new landscape keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus that includes shortcuts and more punctuation options.

Iphone 6 tricks and tips

IPhone 6 Plus one handed keyboard

If you want this feature on your iPhone 6 Plus then you will need to buy a third party keyboard .Apple does not include this on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus by default, so you need to go to the Apps Store and buy one. One of the available apps are One handed keyboard by Terry Demco.It is priced around $1.99


Touch ID for Passwords

Apple’s Touch ID lets you to unlock the iPhone 6 Plus and make purchases in iTunes, but it can do a lot more. If you install an app like LastPass or 1Password you can use the new safari extensions to log into websites you are browsing with LastPass or 1Password.This lets you to create a secure password and simplifies using good passwords on your iPhone without having hassles of long passwords.


Better Battery Life

For most of the users iPhone 6 Plus battery life lasts more than a day, but if there is something wrong the battery will drain faster and empties to zero within hours. If you want to improve battery life then got to Settings->General->Usage->Battery usage to see if there is one app using all your battery. If you sense something suspicious then you can uninstall it or stop it.If the method doesn’t work for you then Go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings.


Change Vibration Alerts

Generally iPhone vibrations are louder than the ringer on the iPhone. The same situation arises for iPhone 6 Plus. Go to Settings->Sounds->Tap on Ringtone->Vibration->Create New Vibration->Tap out and save a new vibration.

Connect the iPhone 6 Plus to your HDTV

If you want to show your iPhone 6 Plus on large screens you can use your iPhone 6 Plus and an Apple TV to mirror the display or to Airplay videos or games. If you have an Apple TV then when you are in same room you can open Control Center->Airplay->Apple TV to show your screen on HDTV.

Instant Hotspot for your Mac

Whenever you turn on Instant Hotspot for the iPhone in iOS 8 you should see it listed in the Wi-Fi options for your Mac and can click to connect without worrying about your iPhone to turn on.You can also see the iPhone 6 Plus battery and signal.

iphone best features

Automatically keep photos in iCloud

If you have a habit of taking a lot of photos and you want them all on every Apple device you own and iCloud then simply just turn on iCloud Photo Library. Once you do this your entire photo library will exist online.You can sync to devices so you can see every photo you have taken on Apple devices you own.


Make a Payment with Apple Pay

The latest iPhone 6 Plus includes support for NFC, which lets you to make payments through Apple pay. These payments are secure and can be easier than grabbing your credit card everytime.Note that not every store supports Apple Pay, and not all the banks do either. Here’s a video on how to use Apple Pay.

So guys, that’s it. I hope that this article has helped you, if you want any more such articles. Do let us know, I will try my best to write on those topics also. These were some of the best Iphone 6 plus tricks, tips and hidden features which all of you might like to try with your Iphone.

Thanks for reading, please share this article with your friends. Do let us know your doubts through the comment section below if you’ve any.