Byju’s App: Digitizing Education in Today’s World

Studying has always been a challenging task for every child. According to the conventional way of learning, students are restricted to their own imaginary, based on the understanding of the concept taught by the teacher. Because of this reason and due to less understanding about any particular concept, they fail to retain the concept in their brain for a longer period of time. Thanks to technology, it has revolutionized the way students learn and understand concepts. It has focused more on practical understanding rather than theoretical knowledge. These days there are many educational applications that help students with learning their subjects thoroughly with a more practical approach, a large number of test series to practice and a detailed analysis for keeping track of their study. Among all these educational applications “Byju’s – The Learning Application” stands to be India’s No.1 learning app with more than 5.5 million downloads and 250,000 paid users. Another important thing is Byju’s app review has increased to 484,503 on play store.


  • Engaging Video Lessons: These video lessons are designed by India’s best teachers. These unique video lessons will help you to understand even complicated concepts in a very easy way. The uniqueness of these video lessons is that it has 3D animation and in air projection techniques which helps to represent complex concepts like flow of current, respiration, reaction of oxygen with hydrogen and much more in a really simple approach. As chapters are taught in visual form, it is easier for the students to remember and understand the concepts properly.
  • Adaptive Learning: Students can track their ability to learn, leading them to develop valuable and beneficial self-monitoring skills. It helps them to indulge in personal learning progress. Every interaction is tracked in a real time.
  • Chapter wise Tests: After completing every chapter, you will be redirected to the test where you can check your performance and your understanding for that particular chapter. This will also help you to cover all the possible questions about the chapter and you can practice to perfection with multiple online tests. AIPMT Mock tests are conducted. ICSE and CBSE sample papers are provided for better understanding of answering and time management. It helps to imitate well in exams.
  • Detailed Analysis: After giving the test you can get a detailed analysis of your performance and progress which will help you plan even better and improve your performance.
  • Personal Mentors and Guides: Whenever a child starts using this application, then a personal mentor is provided to that child. These personal mentors generally help the child in solving their doubt related to the video lectures.
  • Complete syllabus coverage: You can get a full structured syllabus for boards like CBSE, ICSE and state board.


  • Parent Application: This application also has a parent application which helps the parents to keep track of what the child is studying and how is he performing.


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