Best Marshmallow wallpaper collection latest 2016


Android Marshmallow wallpaper collection 2016 latest

  • Now that Android Marshmallow has arrived, we are sure that all of you would be happy with the new features and updates that you discovered with the new version. Most of you would have enjoyed the improvements and fixes that came with Marshmallow.
  • And we are also certain that you would love to make your phone home screens prettier by using some of the best Android Marshmallow Wallpapers. We have selected for you a few latest alluring designs (which are HD too!)
  • Some of you may have loved the previous Lollipop Collection and made sure to download the beautiful and visually stunning photography creations for your precious Android devices. Well if you wish to do the same for your Marshmallow version too, then look no further. We felt that you would love to use some of these for your home screen. So here we have included for you a few of the astonishing and eye catching wallpapers which you can use for your Android Marshmallow. 
  1. The default wallpapers you find in Marshmallow have a distinct look to it and have been created with a theme in mind. The have a wonderful mixture of color and abstract design, right?
  2. There are total of nine wallpapers – 3 are paper like wallpapers with 3D look, this will be discussed below. The other 6 are landscape and Ariel shots from Google Earth (whichis absolutely breathtaking). Because the aerial view photos have been used in the past, it may look familiar to you.  But on closer inspection you will observe that each of them has a distinct and individual fell to it, different from Lollipop. They have definitely received a lot of positive feedback from users.
  • The man behind the 3 creations is Carl Kleiner. He is a Stockholm based photographer who was given the task of creating the new set of abstract (paper like) wallpapers for Marshmallow. In the previous android Lollipop too Kleiner had shown his abstract work and creativity.
  • He does not make his art by digital creations; instead all of the pictures are personally photographed by him. The theme used seems to revolve around shapes and objects which have a three dimensional effect to them. The careful use of lighting and color along with creating natural shadows is evident.
  • According to Google Design, the team created these images inspired from painted surfaces, color pigments, floating ink along with the use of texture to add interest and complexity to these wall papers. The use of color has been bold and they relied on the primary colors of the Google brand, namely red, blue, green and yellow. And they also used some grey to the array of colors. They have used the increased convolution in shapes to bring out the 3 D effect. Two of his abstract creations are free for you to downloads.

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Download Marshmallow Wallpapers

Take a look at these amazing and HD Marshmallow Wallpaper & Marshmallow Whatsapp DP, do let us know if you’re looking for anything else related to this topic. Thanks and keep visiting. 🙂

android marshmallow wallpapers

android marshmallow wallpaper

marshmallow wallpaper

marshmallow wallpapers

marshmallow hd wallpaper

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We hope you liked this new range of beautiful, colourful wallpapers and feel free to download them and use them as your home screen! Checkout Line messenger for PC if you want to connect with your friends.

Do let us know if you’ve any doubts through the comment section below. 🙂 I think I shared here some of the best and most amazing android marshmallow wallpapers, If you’re looking for more – then do let us know through the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to share more & more wallpaper with you all.

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