Top 5 Best Computer Brands that will Last Long 2016

best computer brands

The digital world increased our productivity level to the great extent. The science and technology made everything possible and easier, without which the day may never be intact. I bet everyone in the world is dependent on the digital gadgets in one or other way. You’ll hardly find only few who won’t make use of digital devices.

When it comes to the devices, Computers are our predominant option.

If the world would be ruled by someone, most probably it would by desktops. It was once in the 1990s, where if you found a primordial computer you might be a statue to see that wonder! (sounds wired Right?)

The days are gone, Personal Computers (PC) are conventional gadgets evolving in abnormal pace. It is omniscient if you look around you’ll find it. Everywhere, from school to colleges, from office to home anywhere you’ll find the accustomed PCs present one or other way. Further, the world is shifting from the desktop to the powerful Laptops. No matter which form it is, you need to have the best brand that would make your experience hassle-free. When it comes to the computer manufacturer name, you might get a huge list!

best computer brands

It will be a pesky task to pick the perfect one that would last long. To be honest, we had reviewed and revealed some of the top priority desktop brands that will be the best value for your bucks!

The desktop is more than just valuable, and you might invest hard-earned money in them. If you are wondering about the brands, worry not. I’d curated some of the world’s best brands. Which will solve your query at the end of this article! Let’s Dive in!

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Being the pride of their quality, it is more than just awesome.

Apple would be the most picked computer brand if the price weren’t a matter of concern. With its crystal clear displays, breathtaking video quality and smooth user interface, Apple stands out from the crowd. Mac OS X is the particular Operating System that only runs on the Mac machine. Moreover, OS X is one of most secure Operating System in which there is no need of anti-virus, though you can use Anti-malware. Not all the software are available for Mac, but most of them are available. With Mac OS, you won’t find any lag or anything else, unless you run some high-end processes.

You can get either Apple iMac (computer) or Macbook (laptop) as per your convenience. But the price is the skyscraper, I admit, but the quality and outcome is worth it. Overall if you consider quality you should glue to Apple if you money matters go for other brands


Computer brand next to Apple I would suggest will be Dell.

Dell is an American based multinational company that would sell, repair computers and its peripherals. They own the Showrooms and service centers around the various countries, so you can get your Dell computer in no time. Just go and purchase, so simple Right?

You can find many computers or laptops as per your requirement, based on the configuration and price. You can buy directly from their websites, or you can get them on the Shopping sites. Anyhow, they have a good support even after the sales, so worry not. Overall I can say Dell will be the best brand, that will be perfect for your money range!


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an American based technology giant that sells computers and laptops around the globe. It is one of the old company among all, with its worldwide recognition as the best brand you can go ahead and get your PC under this roof. They have responsive support with systematic functionality.

Their computers and desktops have specific drivers, which easily get them through their official website. Once you’ve selected your model, your are ready to get the drivers or software that comes by default. They have tied up with many tech companies, so you’ll get the premium software along with each system for free.


Sony is another international mobile phones and desktop manufacturing company that stands with its quality next to Apple. Sony is started as a portable communication company, which develops smartphone but they took the plunge and dived into the PC industry. As an outcome, best laptops and desktops are released at the affordable price.

Currently, they have numerous models, which are sorted as per the price and system configuration. Among them, Sony Vaio is a familiar and affordable laptop for majority seekers. Anyhow, it is the better brand and a fierce competitor for Apple.

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Last but not the least!

Asus is worldwide renowned laptop and smartphone manufacturer. They do have the best price range and excellent support after purchase, so don’t worry at all. They had gained the traction with their E pad transformation series. Which are the truly innovative gadget that will be compact and more powerful. No matter which configuration Laptop you need, you can easily get them in Asus family. Overall when it comes to the computer brand, still Asus dominate some part.

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Over to you,

Computers are adorable gadgets, and you need to pay closer attention while picking the best one. When it comes for the desktops, a brand still a consideration factor for most of us. If you are hunting the best PC for your bucks, you need to go for the better-branded systems.

If the price weren’t a matter of concern, you could go for Apple iMac or Macbook, which are excellent and worth your every penny. If you are stuck with the money, Dell, HP, and other brands will be best for you. Anyhow, for the sake of saving some money don’t go for cheap or local system name, if you do so you’ll have a headache in future.

I hope I’d tried my best to put up what is the better brand if you liked to feel free to share with your friends and relatives. So that let them know about these computer brands.

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