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best sports streaming sites

Hello & welcome to FullTechTricks, If you are a lover of sports then you will surely love the benefit of accessing the latest information of your favourite teams, updates , match dates quickly and easily. Here we have listed 10 sites which will allow you to get full information of your favorite sport including live streams of the matches which you don’t want to miss! Here is the list of top 10 Best free sports streaming sites through which you can watch sports online for live football streaming:

best free sports streaming sites
best free sports streaming sites

10 Best free Sports Streaming Sites:

These free best sports streaming sites are the best and have been arranged in descending order of their decency. Do Check them out and let us know if you’re looking for anything else related to popular sports websites.

#1. ESPNespn

This is one of the most popular channel for news and updates related to sports and it recognized all over. On ESPN online you have access to the most up-to-date information for various sports events. You can view the game videos, after game interviews, check scores, team performance and other related videos.

Click on the ‘Watch’ section to view latest sports related videos. You can also watch football sport streaming on the site.

ESPN majorly covers sports like baseball, football, basketball, tennis, racing, golf, ice hockey. You can even view the Olympics here.

Online radio is also available in case you cannot watch videos. This is #1 best sports streaming site.

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#2. NBC sportsnbc sports

NBC Sports is another American sports broadcasting website similar to ESPN. On NBC sports you will also find various videos regarding pre and post event updates. Any game or completion can be viewed live on NBC and even if you don’t want to watch live, you will find all the games played in an arranged list on the website so that you can access it in your free time.

They also have online shopping options for team merchandise as well as options to book tickets for upcoming games and matches.

They majorly have games similar to ESPN like basketball and baseball. NBC is watched by a big audience online, that’s why it’s on #2 in the list of best & free sports streaming sites 🙂

#3. Star sportsstar sports

Star Sports : For fans of cricket, you can forget about getting any info about cricket on the previous American websites, let alone live streaming. Here you will find live ball by ball updates of all the major cricket matches including the recent Asia Cup as well as the very popular IPL series.  Live scores and live video can easily be viewed. The major sports you will find here are cricket, hockey, football, tennis, badminton and racing.

#4. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is a widely used website used worldwide for free live streaming of matches and games of many kinds. It is popular among mobile users for streaming for its good speed and comparatively good video quality. However some users have notified that not all link lead upto the stream, some end up to be dead links. The range of live sport events you can view are football, baseball, basketball etc. It is a convenient and no hassle site to watch the major series of sports on even your handsets.

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#5. Stream Sports

If you go to the home page, you can view the different streams that are scheduled for the day and also for the following days and weekend. This allows the users to know in advance what time the match of their choice will be aired. This streaming site was given quite a lot of positive reviews by users and critics alike. This could be because of the regular updates of the links and the good quality video stream. It is also less annoying since the streams are ad free .

– This live stream is a popular option for viewing live football, rugby, basketball and baseball

#6. All Sport live

– This site is another good option if you like uninterrupted live streams. On the home page you will see a list of streams for the matches that are scheduled or that particular day or for a date in the near future. There is an option for you to translate the page into your own language as the main site explained is half in Russian and half English. Here you can view free live broadcast of matches, the results of the matches, video replays and reviews. The games included are football, basketball, hockey, tennis and racing among others.

#7. Sportlemontv

Smortlemontv is easy to use, simply designed website. Here you will find all the links to most of the popular games. Also there is an option for users to share their links of live streams with other users. It is a place for free live streams which thy claim on their site. They say ’There are only free streams at Sportlemon’. The user interface is fairly simple to understand and use. The list of upcoming games/matches is given in an orderly fashion. The games including tennis, basketball, and rugby all can be watched here

#8. Cricfree

Cricfree website has a good review from users as well. It is a live sports streaming service which allows users access to many online TV sites. It claims that we can view SkySports 1 and 2 with Cricfree for free. They have many links to many games on this site but they do not have any stream at cricfree. Here you can easily find and view from the TV channel which is airing it live. They have 12 categories each divided separately for 12 different sports including football, hockey, tennis, snooker etc. They also have a chat room where you can discuss with others about the sports or streams.

#9. Bosscast

–Bosscast is popular these days for its accurate streaming links and good quality videos. It is popular in north American countries. It has a good repute and has many recommendations from users online. Like cricfree, it also has a chat room on the home page. Users especially like this because you can easily communicate with other regarding any problem you may have with streaming. The list of major streaming is given on the front page too.

#10. Sky Sports

sky sports

This too is a great source for following competitions and watching sports events. It has a wide range of shows and videos and interviews related to sports which you can view free anytime. If you choose to become a subscribed member of Sky Sports, you can view views through Sky HD box or the mobile app, Sky Go app. The subscription is free. You can also upgrade your membership and with that you will have access to all the seven sky sports channels, but there is a fee for that. Out of the many sports available, a few are racing , football, cycling, wresting, darts among others.

This was our list of the websites you should visit if you don’t want to miss out on the latest info of the sports world. You can try out the live streams from your computer or mobiles as well and use these sites as a means of regular sports updates. These were the top sites to watch sports online/sports streaming websites.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites Free 2016

free movie download sites

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites 2016

Watching Movies is one of the best ways to spend time with your Friends, Family and your Love Partner. It feels Amazing to watch your Favorite movies but in your Television you have to wait for a Particular time of the Movie to watch it. That’s why I’m going to let you feel awesome by giving you Best Movies Downloading sites on the Internet. Watching Movies online is still a problem for some people. Online watching is a problem because of the poor connection of the network.

There are many sites on the internet where you can download Movies for Free. Some sites are not that good for Downloading Movies so i’m not going to tell you about those shitty sites. All the list that i will give are the Best among the best.

free movie download sites
free movie download sites

Now you don’t have to wait for a Particular time that the Channel set for your Favorite movie. You can just watch your favorite Movie on your Computer or laptop at anytime by Downloading it. Also take a look at the best torrent sites.

Now let’s get into the real Story. Checkout the best 10 Free movie download sites where you can download movies for free. Checkout these best sites to watch movies online without downloading

Best Free Movie Download Sites

  • Divxcrawler

Divxcrawler is the best site where you can download movies for free. Divcrawler is basically for downloading Movies for free. There is wide varieties of Hollywood movies available here. New Movies are also easily Available here. So whenever a New Movie is released you know where to come. Not only Hollywood, Bollywood Movies are also available here.

top 10 movie downloading sites

You can Download Movies in High quality so that you won’t miss the Crisp details  of the Movie. Downloading movie on this site is also super easy. Homepage of this site is also easily manageable from where you download the Movie. You can also check the Size & Supported Format of the Movie before you Download the Movie. This is a full packaged site for your Movies Dream.

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  • Worldfree4u

WorldFree4u is another best Movie Downloading Site where you can download Hollywood, Bollywood & Even other categories of Movies. This Site also Provides Information about the Latest Release and Upcoming Movies. This Site has All the New Movies that is released in the Whole World wide because it is updated on a Regular Basis.

worldfree4uWorldFree4You is a Simple design Site so that you won’t face any problem while Downloading Movies. WorldFree4You has a larger Collection of Movies. I bet all the Movies you want to watch will be available here. You don’t even have to create an Account to get fully Functional. You just have to visit the site and start Downloading. You can also watch free Movies online.

  • Urgrove

Urgrove is an Amazing Site to Download Movies because the interface of this site is Beautiful. There are different categories available from Bollywood to Hollywood Movies. One of the best feature about This Movie Downloading site featureis that there is a separate category of Dubbed Movies where you download  Dubbed Hindi Hollywood Movies.


Urgrove provides high downloading speed of movies. This site is a Download mirror of Zippy Share and Put Locker. The Amount of Movies in this Site is Huge. The only thing i didn’t like about this site is the Pop up Ads. You can also watch Movies online without Downloading it. Watch your Movies in HD quality for the Best Experience.

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  • Crackle

Crackle is a well known site for streaming Movies. You can easily search for a Movie with the help of the search bar. There are lot’s of movies available here from Hollywood and Bollywood.top 10 movie downloading sites

There are also different type of movies here which you can never find anywhere else. You can watch most of the Movies in High Quality. You can download all this streaming Movies with the help of some online downloading tools or you can also download movies from Download Managers.

  • 300mbMovies4u

This is a great site for Downloading Movies. This website is basically named like this because the size of the Movies are about 300 MB. Hollywood and Bollywood Movies are available on the Movie Downloading Site. Also there are Latest Movies available as this site is also updated on a daily basis.


300mbmovies4uDownload all the Movies in HD for Clear quality. This is one of the best site to download Movies for Free. Downloading Movies on this site is pretty easy as you can Download movie in jusg one click. From 360p to 1080p you can download in any quality. This site has a multiple download mirror like mediashare, indishare etc. If you like mediashare downloading the this site is best for you.

  • Moviescrib

Moviescrib is one of the best site to download Movies for Free. You can download movies with a single click of your Mouse as this site is super easy to interface. You can find Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi etc. You can a lo so use filter to search any Movies you want. So this Filter feature is very convenient.moviescrib

Download Movies in High Definition Quality for the clarity. You won’t find any Pirated movies here. Also the Downloading speed on this site is very fast. So you can have your Movies on your Computer as soon as possible. But you can find Ads annoying so you might want to block the pop up Ads.

  • Freemoviedownload6

This movie downloading site is one of best for downloading full length movies for free. Freemoviedownload6 site has awesome navigation bar with different kind of movies like comedy, crime, action, adventure etc. One the top of the site, you will also find a search bar using which you can search for anynmovie which you want download for free. The only drawback of this site is that it is using Pop ads which is a bit annoying. The best thing of this site is that it provide download mirrors of various quality of movies like 360p, 480p, 720p and even 1080p.

  • YouTube

YouTube is like a World of Broadcasting Yourself. The Video collection Youtube has is Massive. There are also Movies Available on YouTube. You can find almost any type of Movie you want. There are also Channels who post Movies. You can either Download Movies or watvh it Online. The userinterface of Youtube is Super easy just like scrolling through your Phone’s Video. You can even Download Movies in Full HD. You can watch Movie trailers here to sneak a Peek about the Movie. There are bunch of online tools where you can Download YouTube Movies. Youtube Downloader is the best for Downloading Movies from Youtube.top 10 movie downloading sites

  • Tube+

Tube+ is an Amazing Site to Download Movies because the interface of this site is Beautiful. There are different categories available from Bollywood to Hollywood Movies. One of the best feature about This Movie Downloading site featureis that there is a separate category of Dubbed Movies where you download  Dubbed Hindi Hollywood Movies.

Urgrove provides high downloading speed of movies. This site is a Download mirror of Zippy Share and Put Locker. The Amount of Movies in this Site is Huge. There is a problem with this site the problem is that this site support Ads so you will face Pop up Ads every now and then. You can also watch Movies online without Downloading it. Watch your Movies in HD quality for the Best Experience.top 10 movie downloading sites

  • My Download Tube

MyDownloadTube is a great site to Download Mobies for Free. You can just Download any movie for Free. You will find the Latest and New Releases on the Home Page of MyDownloadTube. You will also find the most Popular download of the weeks. You can download Bollhwood as well as Hollywood Movies in High Definition.  MyDownloadTube also provides the online watching feature where you can Watch any Movie before downloading it. Downloading Movies on MyDownloadTube won’t be a problem here. This Site is overall Great.top 10 movie downloading sites

All this sites are trusted and Certified any site can be your best site for downloading movies for free 2016. These sites doesn’t have any infectious particle like Trojans viruses. There is also no need of creating an Account for downloading Movies because these are made just for a Movie geeks like you. I know this Generation wants New Movies in thr Computer that’s why All these sites are full package of Downloading Movies. So Download Movies and Watch it whenever you want.

Best Marshmallow wallpaper collection latest 2016


Android Marshmallow wallpaper collection 2016 latest

  • Now that Android Marshmallow has arrived, we are sure that all of you would be happy with the new features and updates that you discovered with the new version. Most of you would have enjoyed the improvements and fixes that came with Marshmallow.
  • And we are also certain that you would love to make your phone home screens prettier by using some of the best Android Marshmallow Wallpapers. We have selected for you a few latest alluring designs (which are HD too!)
  • Some of you may have loved the previous Lollipop Collection and made sure to download the beautiful and visually stunning photography creations for your precious Android devices. Well if you wish to do the same for your Marshmallow version too, then look no further. We felt that you would love to use some of these for your home screen. So here we have included for you a few of the astonishing and eye catching wallpapers which you can use for your Android Marshmallow. 
  1. The default wallpapers you find in Marshmallow have a distinct look to it and have been created with a theme in mind. The have a wonderful mixture of color and abstract design, right?
  2. There are total of nine wallpapers – 3 are paper like wallpapers with 3D look, this will be discussed below. The other 6 are landscape and Ariel shots from Google Earth (whichis absolutely breathtaking). Because the aerial view photos have been used in the past, it may look familiar to you.  But on closer inspection you will observe that each of them has a distinct and individual fell to it, different from Lollipop. They have definitely received a lot of positive feedback from users.
  • The man behind the 3 creations is Carl Kleiner. He is a Stockholm based photographer who was given the task of creating the new set of abstract (paper like) wallpapers for Marshmallow. In the previous android Lollipop too Kleiner had shown his abstract work and creativity.
  • He does not make his art by digital creations; instead all of the pictures are personally photographed by him. The theme used seems to revolve around shapes and objects which have a three dimensional effect to them. The careful use of lighting and color along with creating natural shadows is evident.
  • According to Google Design, the team created these images inspired from painted surfaces, color pigments, floating ink along with the use of texture to add interest and complexity to these wall papers. The use of color has been bold and they relied on the primary colors of the Google brand, namely red, blue, green and yellow. And they also used some grey to the array of colors. They have used the increased convolution in shapes to bring out the 3 D effect. Two of his abstract creations are free for you to downloads.

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Download Marshmallow Wallpapers

Take a look at these amazing and HD Marshmallow Wallpaper & Marshmallow Whatsapp DP, do let us know if you’re looking for anything else related to this topic. Thanks and keep visiting. 🙂

android marshmallow wallpapers

android marshmallow wallpaper

marshmallow wallpaper

marshmallow wallpapers

marshmallow hd wallpaper

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We hope you liked this new range of beautiful, colourful wallpapers and feel free to download them and use them as your home screen! Checkout Line messenger for PC if you want to connect with your friends.

Do let us know if you’ve any doubts through the comment section below. 🙂 I think I shared here some of the best and most amazing android marshmallow wallpapers, If you’re looking for more – then do let us know through the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to share more & more wallpaper with you all.