5 Classic Gaming Apps Every Smartphone Should Have

Ever wanted to get in on the online gaming craze, but can’t be bothered to play those arduous RPGs and MMO games? Then check out some of these classic gaming genres that have been reinvented for the humble smartphone! Below we’ve listed some classic gaming apps for android users mainly:

Endless runners

These simple yet addictive games have become massive hits on our mobile devices as they are perfectly designed for touchscreen gameplay through having ultra-simple user controls to emulate some of our classic platform games. Whether you’re playing classic endless runners like Temple Run 2, or some recent hits like Super Mario Run, it shows just how much fun you have with a single swipe on your smartphone touchscreen.

Sports simulators

Games that emulate our favourite sports have also had many impressive reinventions on our mobiles. If you’re looking to perfect your soccer strategy, then Football Manager Mobile is a great option, and 8 Ball Pool does a fantastic job of turning this classic bar-room game into an easy-to-play gaming app that can see you playing against real people via your smartphone.

Card games

Anybody with a dull office job will know how a quick game of Solitaire was a good way to alleviate the tedium. Thankfully Microsoft’s Solitaire has just been reimagined for iOS devices, and if you’re looking to add a little gambling to the fun, then the games of blackjack and hold’em poker at Casino Euro should definitely show you how card games are here to stay!

Puzzle games

Another classic gaming genre that’s made full use of smartphone tech are puzzle games. Titles like Roll the Ball do a great job of emulating those fiendishly difficult puzzles from our childhood by making us tilt our smartphones to help the metal ball find its target. And inventive games like Color Switch have become huge hits on the internet as a result of their easy gameplay that takes a long time to completely master.

Racing games

And finally, anybody who’s looking for an adrenaline rush should check out some of the best smartphone racing games. Much like classic console hits such as Gran Turismo, games like CSR Racing 2 give you a massive selection of cars to play with as you race around some of the world’s most glamorous racetracks. And if cars are a little humdrum, then check out Race the Sun that puts you in charge of a solar-powered glider who must follow the sun in order to stay airborne!

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