(3+) Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips 2015 – Funny, Cool Tricks

Top 3 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2015 are here which you might like and can use these whatsapp tricks on your Whatsapp account or phone. 

WhatsApp has turned out to become one of the best messaging apps for all platforms of mobile phones. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app which sends messages instantly from one user to another user. Also, one of the main reasons of it being popular is that along with messages you can send photos, videos and audio files as well. Currently, WhatsApp is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Java and Symbian operating system. Along with these operating systems on mobiles, WhatsApp has launched a web based version of Whatsapp called WhatsApp Web. 

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The first year of service by WhatsApp is absolutely free followed by a payment of $0.99 after that first year is expired which is undoubtedly really cheap. Coming to the actual point, we all know how much the popularity of WhatsApp is increasing day by day. And as its getting famous, the craze of WhatsApp is reaching heights. People are always willing to know some cool tips and tricks to have fun with their friends or prank them.

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Best Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

Best Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

So, keeping this thing in mind. We have prepared a list of Top 3 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2015. Check out these funny WhatsApp Tips and Tricks below:

1. Share ZIP, APK, PDF and large files

WhatsApp limits the sharing of files to only audio, images and video formats. And we know that some of you want to share other file formats with WhatsApp also. So, this trick is what you should follow to share such kind of files.

#1) Download CloudSend and DropBox from Play Store and install them on your phone.

#2) Open DropBox and create an account if you already have an account then directly login.

#3) Open CloudSend, you’ll now be asked to link it with DropBox app.

#4) Upload the file which you want to be shared with your friends in CloudSend and it will upload it on DropBox itself.

#5) Once the upload is complete, share the link with your friends. Now all your friends have to do is open the link and download the file.

2. Create Fake WhatsApp conversations

One of the best way to prank your friends is create a fake WhatsApp conversations with Celebrities and then share the screenshot on Facebook & Twitter. All you have to do is download an application named WhatsSaid and install it on your phone. The application is easy to set up and to create fake conversations. You can watch the short video given below to checkout how you can download WhatsSaid app.

3. Enable WhatsApp Chatheads on Android                

Chatheads without any doubt is one of the best features of FB messenger. But isn’t it great to have chatheads on WhatsApp also? Here is an easy way to enable chatheads on WhatsApp for Android.

#1) Download Dashdow What App and install it.

#2) Open Dashdow What App and click on Accessibility.

#3) Accessibility setting will open now, turn on Dashdow What App.

#4) Enjoy, chatheads on WhatsApp will be enabled now.

Final Words

We hope that you liked this article on Top 3 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2015. These were the one of the best WhatsApp Tricks to have fun with your friends or fool or prank them. All of the tricks should work fine if followed properly. If you are having any questions or queries then feel free to share them in the comments box. We will answer your queries and reply your comments as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions and feedback then don’t hesitate a bit, leave them in the comments section as well. Stay tuned to our blog for more such amazing WhatsApp tricks and tips, articles, how-to guides, tutorials and updates.


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